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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Transfer Credit Instructions for Graduating Seniors 

Below is a message from the Early College Experience (ECE) Office at UConn regarding instructions on how to transfer ECE credits to another college or university;

This is a reminder to speak with your graduating seniors about requesting an official transcript from UConn. Transcripts can be sent to the grad’s new university or college to start the credit transfer process. Students should also send one to themselves for their records. Transcripts are free and unlimited. Transcripts are not sent automatically. Please tell students to first check if the high school instructor has submitted a grade for the course (due July 1) before requesting a transcript.
You may forward these instructions: 
Check your grade:
  1. Go to http://studentadmin.uconn.edu/ with your NetID and password.
  2. Click Self-Service > Student Center
  3. Under Academics select grades from the drop down menu.
  4. Select term to view and click the continue button.
  5. Click the class title to review details about the course. 
  6. Click the change term button to view grades from a different semester. 
Request a transcript:
  1. Contact your new registrar and ask where a transcript can be sent.
  2. Go to http://studentadmin.uconn.edu/ with your NetID and password.
  3. Click Self-Service > Student Center > My Academics > Request Official Transcript.
  4. Complete form and click Submit.
If this is the first time logging in, students might have to complete a FERPA waiver or update contact information. If students do not remember their NetID or password, have them visit https://netid.uconn.edu/ where they can find their NetID or reset a forgotten password. Students will not be able to order a transcript if there is a financial hold on the account.
Students attending UConn do not need to request a transcript but do have to speak with an advisor once on campus to move the credit to their degree record. This decision is irreversible.
Finally, please tell students that they should call the UConn ECE office at 860.486.1045 or email at ece@uconn.edu with any questions or problems. We can also help with the credit transfer process if they encounter trouble. 

Deadline for Selecting ECE Courses Is June 30

Students enrolled in ECE courses for 2016-17 who have already registered through the ECE portal (deadline was June 1) are reminded to return to the portal and select their courses from the drop down menu.  Students should make certain to select the teachers assigned to their courses.  Students are advised to use Internet Explorer with a PC and Google Chrome with a Mac.

For Students Enrolled in ECSU Courses at EOS

Students enrolled in ECSU courses at EOSHS for 2017-18 need to complete an application form by June 19.  These ECSU courses are listed below.

ECSU Human Anatomy & Physiology
ECSU Calculus A
ECSU College Algebra & Discrete Math

Unlike ECE courses that are free for EOSHS students simply because of an agreement made between Region 19 and UConn several years ago when the latter forfeited control of the high school to Region 19 (EOS students would - and still do - take ECE courses at no cost), courses available through ECSU are offered at a nominal fee of $25 per credit.  This cost is a fraction of the cost for the same course available on the ECSU campus.  In addition, the textbooks for students are free.

Applications are available in the EOS Guidance Office.

Students should submit by June 19 their completed applications along with a check made payable to EOSHS in the amount corresponding to the number of credits in which one is enrolled.  EOSHS will then pay a lump sum to ECSU.

For Graduating Seniors

Mailing Final Transcripts to Colleges

Students moving on to higher education should expect their final EOS transcripts to be mailed in early July.  It's during the first week of July that the EOS Guidance Department hopes to have transcripts available for mailing.  
If seniors have not already informed the Guidance Department where they will be attending school in 2017-18, they'll need to do so immediately.  Without this information, the Guidance Department will be unable to mail the transcript, the final and necessary step in the matriculation process.

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