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Saturday, April 1, 2017


SAT Opportunity Offered on Wednesday, April 5

As announced previously in a variety of ways, the Connecticut State Board of Education and Governor Dan Malloy are allowing high schools to choose the SAT as an alternative option to the SBAC.  Like many high schools throughout the state, EOSHS has chosen the SAT option as the measure that will be used to assess current 11th graders with regard to college and career readiness.  This assessment opportunity will be offered on Wednesday, April 5th.

There will be three test sites for 11th graders - the back gym, the lecture hall, and the LMC.   Note that students have been assigned by alphabetical order to one of the three test sites.  Last names beginning with A-Loh should report to the back gym, Lom-Sha to the lecture hall, and She-Z to the LMC.

There are reasons to take the SAT even if students are uncertain about their postsecondary plans. Below are just a few:
  • Although community colleges are "open admissions schools" - meaning that virtually all students with a high school diploma are admitted - students still need to demonstrate readiness to succeed in college-level courses.  Thus, students are required to complete placement tests (called Accuplacer) and must achieve established benchmark scores in order to enroll in courses that will earn them college credits towards a degree.  Students who do not achieve the aforementioned benchmarks are scheduled into remedial courses.  Successful completion of these courses will then allow these students to enroll in college courses.  Understand this - these remedial courses cost both time and money.  Students can avoid the placement tests by earning a minimum score of 550 on the SAT Math portion and a 450 on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing segment of the SAT.
  • More and more colleges and universities are becoming "test optional" schools, meaning that students applying to these schools are not required to submit SAT (or ACT) scores as a condition for acceptance.  Still, students (and parents/guardians) should know that, in most instances, these same schools will require SAT scores if students wish to secure merit scholarships and/or admission to special programs(i.e., honors programs).
  • Several certificate and licensing programs will use SAT scores in lieu of other required assessments for admission.
  • Students may "bank" their scores and use them at a later date when their plans become more crystallized.
There is much debate about the predictive validity of test scores on assessments like the SAT as they relate to success in higher education.  The College Board has made known its research on college and career readiness indicators.  Essentially, earning "average" scores on each subtest (Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing) translate into college readiness.  An " average" score is 500, and to earn this score requires students to correctly answer about half of the test questions.

Beyond a combined score of 1000, any discussion about increasingly higher test scores correlated with success in higher education - never mind success in the "real" world - becomes even more complex (and heated).

It makes sense for 11th grade students to take advantage of the opportunity available to them on Wednesday.

For more information about the newly re-designed SAT and what you need to know, click here.

EOS Offers Free PSAT to Sophomores

EOSHS will offer an opportunity for all sophomores to take the PSAT on Wednesday, April 5th and it will be free to students.  The test will be administered in the morning, beginning at 7:25 am and concluding at 11:45 am.

The primary purposes for administering this assessment in April are for students to gain both exposure to and experience with the test format and content.  With student feedback on performance coming in the form of detailed score reports, students will have valuable information in hand that will help them to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to the content and skills measured on the assessment.  And this will provide ample time for them to strengthen identified areas of weakness in preparation for the SAT that they will be encouraged to take in April of their junior year.

So, in effect, the PSAT on April 5th will serve as a "dress rehearsal" or "scrimmage game" that will provide feedback on where they are at that point in time relative to college and career readiness.

Room assignments will be posted next week.  For more information about this, students and parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their counselors.

National College Fair Dates

The National College Fair, a program offered by the National Association for College Admissions Counselors, is "on tour" and will be in Hartford on April 6/7, Springfield on April 3, and Providence on May 8 .  Several colleges from around the country will be represented at booths.  In addition, workshops will be offered on such topics as the admissions process and financial aid.  Students may register by clicking here.

MCC Offers Spring Open House

Manchester Community College (MCC) is offering prospective students an opportunity to attend an "Open House" from 4 pm to 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 4.  Workshops will be held in Great Path Academy (part of MCC) on a variety of topics - including the admissions process, paying for college, and credit transfer.  

For more information, click here.  

Important Information About MCC Courses

Students enrolled in College Career Pathways (CCP) courses, otherwise known as Manchester Community College (MCC) courses at EOSHS, have the option of withdrawing from a CCP course if they wish to exclude the course from their MCC transcripts.  Students MUST complete a withdrawal form, available in the EOS Guidance Office, if they intend to withdraw from the course.  The deadline for withdrawal is April 21st.

Note that withdrawal from a CCP course at this time of year only means that the final grade in the course will not appear on an MCC transcript.  This does NOT mean withdrawal from the course at EOSHS.  Although the final grade will not appear on an MCC transcript, it will appear on an EOSHS transcript.

Students who withdraw from a CCP course after April 21st but before the last day of school will receive a "W" (withdrawal) on their MCC transcripts.

Students who do not withdraw by the last day of classes at EOSHS will receive the grades assigned to them and these grades will appear on their MCC transcripts.  Transcripts are permanent records and cannot be altered.  MCC reports that a grade of "W" on a college transcript may negatively impact eligibility for financial aid.

Military Service Academy Night

Students interested in learning about our nation's military academies (Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Naval Academy,  West Point Academy) may do so by attending the 2017 Military Service Academy Night on Wednesday, April 26 at 6 pm in the MG Maurice Rose Armed Forces Reserve Center on 375 Smith Street in Middletown, CT.  The CT Congressional Delegation is arranging this evening.

For more information about this evening, find contact information below.

Kathy Bass
Office of Senator Christopher Murphy
Colt Gateway Building
120 Huyshope Avenue, Suite 401
Hartford, CT 06106

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