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Monday, December 12, 2016


PSAT Score Reports Now Available

Students who completed the PSAT in October should now be able to access their score reports by logging into their student accounts through the College Board website.  Scores were posted on Monday, December 12th.  Students may click here to log into their account (or to launch a new account).  Students who may need their access numbers can get them in the Guidance Office.

Students are encouraged to click here to view a video that provides an explanation of their PSAT Score Reports.  Students may also link their College Board accounts to their Khan Academy accounts  and, by doing so, receive a personalized tutorial that will prepare them for the SAT.  Click here to learn how to link the two accounts.  This service is free-of-charge.

Hard copies of PSAT Score Reports are expected to arrive in the Guidance Department next week.  Copies will be mailed home to students as soon as they become available.

UConn Provides Important Updates 

See below for important updates from UConn regarding admissions and financial aid.
  • students (and their parents/guardians) should complete the FAFSA using 2016 tax records.  Students may file their FAFSA until March 1, 2018.  Earlier is better.  In other words - don't wait until March 1st.
  • UConn will still accept both "old" and "new" SAT scores (in the rare case that a student may have taken the "old" version a few years ago) but will NOT super-score different tests.  UConn will, however, super-score from the same set of tests (old OR new).
  • Students must have their official ACT/SAT scores sent directly from the testing agency. UConn reports that it will NOT recognize test scores appearing on student transcripts.
  • the Stamford campus opened a brand new 300-bed residence in August 2017.
  • January 15 is the deadline for all application materials to be submitted.
  • Admission decisions will be released beginning on March 1st and will continue until all applicants have been notified.
  • Students may continue to apply to any of the regional campuses until July 1.

New Website to Help With Loan Repayments

A new website is now available to students and their parents that is designed to help with student loan repayments.  Called IBRinfo - click here - it is an independent, non-profit agency that provides information about Income-Based Repayment Plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness options.   

Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness are two new federal programs that help make student loan repayment fair and manageable. The site explains the programs and will be updated as new information becomes available. Users can register to get updates on important developments as the U.S. Department of Education finalizes regulations and creates the systems for managing the new programs.

Do You Need Money for College?

The Office of Federal Student Aid in the U.S. Department of Education has made publications available for students and parents that provide information about federal student aid at a glance.  Students and parents may download electronic versions of publications, videos, and infographs by clicking here .  

A Reminder About Creating an FSA ID

The FSA ID - the username and password a student needs for signing the FAFSA and for various other uses on Federal Student Aid websites - replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN in May.  Students should click here to learn about and create an FSA ID. 

Change In MCC Math Requirement 

Manchester Community College has announced that a change has been made in the minimum Math SAT score required to be eligible for College Algebra there.  A 530 was (and still is) the minimum score on the "old" SAT.  The new benchmark is 570 for scores earned after March, 2016.  This increase does not reflect a higher benchmark.  Rather, the minimum score reflects an adjustment in the "new" SAT.  The CT Board of Regents for Higher Education has established this new benchmark.

Click here for more information about this change in policy.

UConn Courses On Campus for Second Semester

Students interested in taking a course on the UConn campus during the second semester should contact Doug Melody.  Preliminary registration has begun, although formal registration will be completed in mid-January.

For those students taking UC MATH 2410 (Differential Equations),be advised that the section available for EOS students is scheduled to take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45 PM.                               

MCC Career Pathways ID Cards Available

Students enrolled in at least one MCC/CCP course at EOSHS and who have successfully registered through the MCC portal have been assigned student numbers (referred to as a "Banner" number by MCC).  These numbers appear on student identification cards that will be mailed home in the next week.  

For those wishing to immediately access information about MCC and the College Career Pathways student page, click here.

Students enrolled in MCC/CCP courses who may have missed the first registration deadline will have one last opportunity to register in late January.  More information about this will be made available in the weeks ahead.

UConn Applications Are Due on January 15

Applying to UConn?  Applications are due and must be submitted to the UConn Admissions Office by January 15th.  Students should make transcript requests in the EOS Guidance Office by January 10th.

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