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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Financial Aid Workshop for Parents 


The EOSHS Guidance Department has scheduled a financial aid workshop at 7 pm on Thursday, NOVEMBER 17th in the school auditorium.  A representative from the Barnum Group, a financial organization that specializes in the financial aid process, will present information about the FAFSA, how the financial aid system can work for families, how colleges use tuition discounting as a tool in the admissions process, and how the CSS Profile differs from the FAFSA.  Additionally, time will be devoted for the representative to address questions from parents/guardians in attendance.

This workshop may be beneficial for parents/guardians of students in the lower grades (9, 10, 11) as well as for those who have seniors going through the college admissions process this year.

Careers in the Middle
MCC recently offered a program on its campus called "Careers in the Middle" and it's purpose was to present information about promising careers that require less than a four-year degree.  Careers in health care and manufacturing were featured as these two areas appear to offer the most potential for employment opportunities in the decade ahead.  Other useful links mentioned during the conference are listed below.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Still other opportunities were promoted in a recent presentation on the aerospace industry.  Employment opportunities are available for those who may wish to seek certification degrees that will prepare individuals to take advantage of these opportunities.  Click here to read a story recently appearing in the Hartford Courant.

Finally, the Hartford (CT) Electricians Association is offering an open house on December 2nd from 4-7 pm.  This is an opportunity to speak with representatives and learn more about the profession as well as what it takes to become an apprentice.  For more information, call 860.525.5982 or email cbrown@jatc35.org.  

A Reminder About Rolling Admissions at CT Public Universities

The CT public universities - CCSU, ECSU, SCSU, WCSU - offer admission on a rolling basis, meaning that these schools accept qualified students throughout the year. It means NOW. Students (and parents/guardians) should know that these schools have become more attractive in recent years for several reasons - not the least of which is the "price tag".  

A few years ago, SCSU closed its "doors" to applicants in March of the application cycle. This was much earlier than ever before. So, it becomes increasingly more difficult to be admitted as one waits longer to submit applications to these schools.  

College Matriculation - Class of 2016

Below is a list of colleges (in alphabetical order) to which students from the Class of 2016 matriculated for this school year.  The number in parentheses indicated how many students enrolled in that school.  The percentages to the right reflect 4- and 6-year graduation rates.

Becker College (17%/28%)
Berklee College of Music ((45%/58%)
Boston College (2) (89%/92%)
Boston University (2) (80%/85%)
Bowdoin College (88%/93%)
Brandeis University (80%/86%)
Brown University (2) (83%/96%)
Central CT State University ((9) (25%/57%)
Clemson University (58%/81%)
Coastal Carolina University (26%/43%)
Dickinson College (81%/85%)
Duke University (2) (87%/95%)
East Carolina University (35%/62%)
Eastern CT State University (21) (44%/56%)
Emerson College (78%/80%)
Emmanuel College (56%/64%)
Florida Gulf University (22%/43%)
Full Sail University (43%/43%)
Goucher College (57%/69%)
Hofstra University (49%/60%)
Ithaca College (69%/76%)
James Madison University (66%/83%)
Johnson & Wales University (32%/41%)
Keene State College (2) (53%/63%)
Kent State University (32%/56%)
Maine College of Art (64%/67%)
Manchester Community College (19) (5%/18%)
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (34%/52%)
Middlebury College (87%/94%)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (82%/92%)
Moody Bible Institute (59%/69%)
Mount Ida College (2) (31%/40%)
Naugatuck Valley Community College (5%/14%)
Pace University (37%/53%)
Plymouth State University (44%/58%)
Queens University-Charlotte (46%/53%)
Quinebaug Valley Community College (6) (9%/16%)
Rhode Island College (14%/44%)
Rice University (80%/91%)
Rider University (54%/64%)
Renssalaer  Polytechnic Institute (63%/81%)
Sacred Heart University (58%/64%)
Saint Joseph's University (72%/79%)
Saint Leo University (31%/42%)
School of Visual Arts (3) (62%/69%)
Sierra Nevada College (27%/41%)
Southern CT State University (4) (23%/52%)
Springfield College (2) (63%/72%)
St. Lawrence University (82%/87%)
Suffolk University (41%/56%)
Three Rivers Community College (5%/15%)
Unity College (4) (46%/54%)
University of Connecticut (38) (70%83%)
University of Massachusetts (66%/78%)
University of California-Berkeley (73%/92%)
University of Hartford (49%/60%)
University of Kentucky (35%/61%)
University of Maine (2) (33%/55%)
University of New England (60%/65%)
University of New Hampshire (63%/80%)
University of New Haven (44%/54%)
University of Northwestern Ohio (29%/40%)
University of Pittsburgh (64%/82%)
University of Rhode Island (3) (44%/63%)
University of Southern Maine (13%/33%)
University of Vermont (2) (66%/77%)
University of Wisconsin (56%/85%)
Vassar College (86%/91%)
Villanova University (87%/90%)
Wentworth Institute (49%/67%)
Western New England University (47%/55%)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (76%/85%)

What an Attitude of Gratitude Can Do for You

With each November comes the holiday that marks the American tradition of Thanksgiving. It's a day devoted to festive feasts, road races, football rivalries, and family relatives. It's also a day set aside, in principle, for giving thanks.  And, given the current state of affairs in our world, it's especially important to take this time to reflect upon what we can appreciate in our lives.

Perhaps you can make this Thanksgiving the start of a new year in which giving thanks is exercised daily. No one needs to tell you that the American culture has come under attack in recent years for what at least some feel is an inflated sense of entitlement as we've witnessed the pursuit of happiness morphing into the expectation of such. It's to no one's surprise, then, that anger and angst often surface when this expectation goes unrealized. All of this can lead to a terribly toxic environment - not unlike one we may be in at the moment.  What may surprise you is that research is revealing a whole host of benefits that may be derived from regular expressions of appreciation and gratitude. Want proof? You may appreciate this article (The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier) as evidence of the research, and this one as well (A Serving of Gratitude May Save the Day). It doesn't take a whole lot of effort, either. They can even be expressed in subtle ways.  Here's how.

Donate blood...Hold the door for someone...Give up your seat...Participate in a race/walk that benefits a charity...Send a note to someone who has shown you kindness...Stay calm during a stressful time...Let go of an old grudge...Mentor a classmate or colleague who is new to your school or organization...Throw a party for someone celebrating a milestone...Next time you're ready to blow the horn at a car - don't...Surprise someone...Say "thank you"...Write a letter to someone who's made a difference in your life...Tell your parents you love them...Tell your kids you love them...Give a compliment...Make a donation to your favorite charity, however small...Extend a warm welcome to a newcomer...Put yourself in another person's shoes...Reduce, reuse, recycle...Praise someone who's done well...Tell a joke...Kick bad habits that can harm others...Pass on good news...Give your full attention...Forgive yourself...Laugh...Call a friend you haven't heard from in awhile...Lead by example...Help a younger person discover a hidden talent...Invite someone who's not part of your inner circle to a friendly gathering...Teach about giving...When you see trash, pick it up...When you hear "trash", leave it be.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude - clearly a choice for most people - positively impacts human health, happiness, and social ties. Because so much of life is about giving and receiving, gratitude serves as the organic link between the two. Really - it's what makes us human.

So, make this Thanksgiving a truly Happy Meal, and launch the pursuit of happiness with a Happy New Year of Gratitude Expressed Daily. After awhile, you may find you don't need the research evidence to prove it works.

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