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Monday, August 29, 2016


2016-17 Course Schedules Available on Power School

With the first day of school  arriving on Wednesday, students should be able to now access their schedules on Power School for the first few days of school and simply follow their schedules on mobile devices.  For ninth-graders who may need a printed schedule, they will be available for pick up in the LMC prior to the start of school or in the Guidance Office during the day.

Any requests for schedule changes should be made to the student's counselor via email.  Using this medium will help to expedite student requests for changes and for counselors to keep records of these changes.

On the first day of school (Wednesday, August 31st) - If you find a mistake on your schedule and did not address it with your counselor prior to the first day of school, you can complete a form (available in the Guidance Office) or email - as mentioned above - describing the mistake and what needs to be corrected.  Follow your schedule as is and your counselor will correct the mistake ASAP.  S/he will then email you an amended schedule. You may also print a new copy on power school. If you wish to make a change in your schedule, follow the same procedure as described above.

Important Information About Registering for ECE Courses

This note is just a reminder that the Compass Online Application and Enrollment System reopened last week.  Any students that need to either apply and enroll in ECE classes or to drop classes may do so at this time.  The deadlines are as follows:
New Online Applications - Any student that has not already submitted an online application may do so until September 15, 2016.
Course Enrollment and/or Course Drops - Students may add or drop courses from their schedule until September 30, 2016.
There is a one-time, non-refundable $25 add/drop fee in addition to the regular course fees that is waived for EOS students.
The procedure during the add/drop registration period is the same as the regular term.  Please see either the paper Registration Guide and Consent Form or the ECE website: Click here for details.  An additional supply of consent forms are available in the Guidance Office this week. You may also print these forms from the PDF found on the ECE website under: Administrators Tab >Registration Tools.
The ECE Office will consider extending office hours during the last two weeks of September depending on volume.  In the meantime, anyone needing assistance can reach the ECE Office from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F.  The toll-free helpline number is: (855)382-UECE.

Important Information About Registering for ECSU Courses

Students enrolled in ECSU Human Anatomy & Physiology, ECSU Calculus A, and/or ECSU College Algebra may earn college credits while also earning EOS credits.  Students wishing to earn dual credits need to complete an ECSU registration form that is available in the EOS Guidance Office.  ECSU charges a nominal fee of $25 per credit.  Each of the available courses is worth four credits.  Thus, each course costs $100.  Checks should be made payable to EOSHS.  Deadline for registration is Friday, September 9.

Important Information About UConn Campus Courses

For those students selecting courses on campus, a separate application form is required. This form, too, is available in the Guidance Office.  Per policy with the university, EOS students have access to courses on the UConn campus provided they meet eligibility criteria and provided there is a seat in the chosen course on the first day of the semester. Once again, courses are free, but students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

Students who have ALREADY submitted registration forms must still complete one more step in the process.  This additional step was recently included in UConn dual enrollment policy.  Click here and complete step four only.  This must be completed by September 11 or students tentatively enrolled in on campus courses will be dropped.  PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS NEED ONLY TO COMPLETE STEP FOUR.  THE PREVIOUS STEPS HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADDRESSED.  ONCE COMPLETED, BRING THE FORM TO THE EOS GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT. 


NOTE: Classes at UConn begin on Monday, August 29th.

Contact Doug Melody (dmelody@eosmith.org) with any questions about this.

How Much Time Should Students Spend on Homework?

This is a question often asked by parents/guardians, particularly those new to EOSHS.  It's a question that's never had an easy answer - at least until now.
 With technology now available at our fingertips, it's easier to answer this question for yourself  simply by logging on to Power School and clicking on Quick Look Up.  When you click on a grade, the "grade book" will open and there you will see the wide assortment of assignments/tests/quizzes that contribute to the grade.  Task management, and not time management, should be the priority.  If the results are satisfactory, then a sufficient amount of time is being devoted to homework.  If not, then both the time and task management need to be reviewed and re-evaluated.  The better way to answer this question, then, is by measuring results and not hours.  

Grading/assessment has been the subject of much discussion among faculty in recent years, and one result of these conversations has been the distinction made between formative and summative assessments.  As you'll see when reviewing student grades, the aforementioned classifications are noted, and you should know that the summative grades carry more weight.

The subject of homework has been a hotly debated one in recent years,  and arguments for or against its value have been clearly articulated.  As we approach Labor Day and elaborate the importance of work in the history of our country, you may wish to read a piece (click on the title) about this topic that titled "Turning Homework Into Purposeful Practice". 

You may also wish to open the link to an article under "For Reading" - "Why Practice Is the Key to Success".

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