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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Information About Transferring UConn ECE Credits

In order to transfer UConn ECE credits to another college/university, graduating seniors will need to request a UConn transcript through the Student Administration System to be sent to their new university or college. Transcripts are not sent automatically! It’s also important to note that the grade is needed on the transcript in order to begin the credit evaluation process at another school. Thus, requests should not be made until final grades are posted this year.  

Incoming UConn students do not need to order transcripts. Full instructions on requesting a transcript can be found here.  

Deadline for Selecting ECE Courses Is June 30

Students enrolled in ECE courses for 2016-17 who have already registered through the ECE portal (deadline was June 6) are reminded to return to the portal and select their courses from the drop down menu.  Students should make certain to select the teachers assigned to their courses.

For Graduating Seniors

Mailing Final Transcripts to Colleges

Students moving on to higher education should expect their final EOS transcripts to be mailed in June.  It's during the last week of June that the EOS Guidance Department hopes to have transcripts available for mailing.  
If seniors have not already informed the Guidance Department where they will be attending school in 2016-17, they'll need to do so immediately.  Without this information, the Guidance Department will be unable to mail the transcript, the final and necessary step in the matriculation process.

Transfer Credit Policy for UConn

Students looking to transfer MCC credits to UConn should refer to the transfer credit policy established by the latter.  Click on this link to learn more.  Be sure to use the drop down menu.


AP Exam Scores Available in July

AP exam scores will be made available in late July on The College Board's AP Central web site.  Look for notification on the availability of these scores.  For more information, click on AP Central.

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