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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Registration for ECE Courses Closes on June 1

 On-line registration continues until June 1st for courses offered by UConn's Early College Experience Program and taken at EOSHS.  Information about the registration process was made available on the May 1 blog post.   Contact your counselor for more information.

For updates on the registration process, click here to go directly to the ECE web site registration link.

For Students Interested in Courses on UConn Campus

With construction of the 2016-17 master schedule near completion, it's time for EOS students interested in taking courses on the UConn campus for the fall semester to contact Doug Melody.  

For now, the most expeditious way to express interest is via email (dmelody@eosmith.org).  The class schedule is available on the UConn website and by clicking here.  Be sure to select Fall 2016 from the drop down menu and to select "Storrs" for the campus.  There is drop down menu for departments as well.  Courses are listed there along with meeting times.  Enrollment numbers are also available.  See below for eligibility criteria.

Eligible students (11th and 12th grade students with academic credentials - strong transcript and combined SAT scores of 1200+ in Critical Reading and Math) may request enrollment in no more than two classes per semester. Decisions on enrollment are made by the Early College Experience Office. EOS students enroll as part-timers. Typically, about 30 students enroll in courses there each semester. 

Final grades earned in courses there appear on both EOS transcripts and UConn transcripts. It should be noted that the grades earned in courses taken on campus are NOT factored into the EOS cumulative GPA.

Note that students successfully completing AD Calculus this year are automatically eligible for enrollment in UC MATH 2110 in the fall semester.  A section has already been designated for EOS students and the class will meet on Mondays and Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm.

PSAT 10 Information for Sophomores

PSAT 10 Score Reports are now available for sophomores who completed the assessment in March this year.  To access their scores, students will need the access codes they were provided on the day of the test.  These access codes are also available in the Guidance Office if students are unable to locate their codes.

Students need to click here to create a College Board account and get their full PSAT score report.  Students may also create a Khan Academy account by clicking here and link it to their College Board account to receive a free, personalized practice for the SAT.  Finally, the College Board provides a tool to learn more about careers and majors.  This tool is called MyRoad and is available by clicking here. 

For those who wish to learn more about this new PSAT (that is aligned with the new SAT that was recently introduced in March), click on the following resources for more information;

Understanding Your PSAT 2016 Scores

College and Career Readiness Benchmarks

A Sample PSAT 10 Score Report Explained

American Legion CT State Police Youth Week

The American Legion Department of CT and the CT State Police announced their joint sponsorship of the 17th Annual State Police Youth Week.  The program, a law enforcement practicum for high students completing 11th grade this year at an accredited high school in the state of CT, will be held at the State Police Training Academy in Meriden, CT from Monday, July 25th to Friday, July 29th.
The program offers insight into the training, duties, and expectations of law enforcement officers and provides realistic experience patterned after recruit training at the CT State Police Academy.  It also affords participants who are considering a career in law enforcement the opportunity to gain knowledge about the professional life of a police officer.
Cadets will participate in a variety of demanding instructional sessions - including patrol techniques, criminal and accident investigation, firearms safety and training, water safety training, team-building and confidence training, defensive driving techniques, and other law enforcement skill training.  Cadets will experience the daily activities of recruit training, including 5:15 am reveille, physical conditioning, inspection of quarters, and participation in assigned details.
Completed applications, including personal statements and recommendations, accompanied by the $125 fee, must be received by Friday, June 3rd.  Due to strict limitations on the number of participants, late or incomplete applications may not be considered.
Applications are available in the EOS Guidance Office.  For more information, call 860.296.0719.

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