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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Power School Window Open - Select 2016-17 Courses

The portal for requesting courses for next year, 2016-2017, on Power School is open for one more week.  Students are encouraged to log in to Power School and request courses as soon as possible to secure seats in those you need or want to take.

Click here to help guide you through this process of course selections.

Contact your counselor if you need more information.

Dual Enrollment Courses Available at EOSHS

EOSHS has, arguably, the most extensive array of dual enrollment courses in Connecticut.  These courses are available to students as both high school and college courses (thus, the "dual" designation).  So students enrolled in these courses earn high school credits while simultaneously earning college credits as well.  EOSHS offers these courses through UConn, ECSU, and MCC.  For course descriptions, go to your Naviance Family Connections page and click on the "Courses" tab.  The list is below.

UConn Early College Experience Courses

AD English (UC ENGL 1010)
AD Biology (UC BIOL 1107)
AD Biology (UC BIOL 1108)
AD Biotechnology (UC PLSC 3230) - NEW
AD Latin 4 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Latin 5 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Microeconomics (UC ECON 1201)
AD Macroeconomics (UC ECON 1202)
AD French 5 (UC FREN 3267 and 3268)
AD World Civilizations (UC HIST 1300)
AD Modern European History (UC HIST 1400)
AD US History (UC HIST 1501and 1502)
AD Individual & Family Development (UC HDFS 1070)
AD Latin America Studies (UC LAMS 1190)
Discrete Math (UC MATH 1030Q)
AD Calculus (UC MATH 1131Q and 1132Q)
Physics A (UC PHYS 1201Q)
AD Physics (UC PHYS 1201Q and 1202Q)
AD Spanish 5 (UC SPAN 3178 and 3179)
AD Statistics (UC STAT 1100Q)

ECSU Courses

ECSU Human Biology (BIO 202/203)
ECSU Math for Liberal Arts (MAT 135)
ECSU Calculus A (MAT 243)

MCC Courses

Accounting 1A (MCC ACC 115)
Human Anatomy & Physiology A (MCC BIO 115)
Intro to Criminal Justice (MCC CJS 101)
Video Productions 1 & 2 (MCC COM 240)
Allied Health (MCC HLT 103)
Tech-Prep Culinary Arts (MCC HSP 101)
Quantitative Literacy (MCC MAT 109)
Algebra 3 and Trigonometry (MCC MAT 138)
Foundations for College Success (MCC SD 111)
English 12A (MCC ENGL 101)
Personal Finance (PENDING APPROVAL)

In addition to these dual enrollment courses listed above, EOSHS also offers AP Studio Art, AP Chemistry, AP French 4 and AP Computer Science.  Earning satisfactory scores on the AP exams in these courses (as determined by each college and university) may translate into college credits as well.

Measuring the Growth and Scope of the EOS ECE Program 

To put into perspective the growth that has occurred in the ECE Program for UConn courses over the past several years, consider these numbers - 60 EOS students were enrolled in ECE courses during the 1999-2000 school year.  In this current 2015-2016 school year, 233 students are enrolled.  
When comparing the scope of ECE at EOS, the numbers are impressive as well.  The Tolland County median for high schools is 88 students per school.  The median number of courses offered by high schools in Tolland County is 8 while EOS offers 22.  Finally, the median number of students involved in ECE courses in high schools similar to EOS in socioeconomic indicators is 60 - about a quarter of the number enrolled at EOSHS.

EOSHS enrolls the third largest number of students in ECE courses of ALL high schools in Connecticut, just behind Glastonbury and Norwich Free Academy - schools with twice the size of total student enrollment (over 2000).
To put the EOS ECE Program into a monetary perspective, consider this - EOS students are occupying about 700 "seats" in ECE courses as well as courses on the UConn campus this school year.  With a fairly even split of 3-credit (at about $1700 per course) and 4-credit (at $2100 per course) courses, this amounts to EOS students earning the equivalent of about $1,330,000 worth of college credits.  Adding ECSU and MCC courses to this equation, the total worth approaches 1.5 million dollars.

MCC Offering Financial Aid Support

The Manchester Community College Financial Aid Office is offering support for those needing help with financial aid forms.  See below for an announcement from the MCC Financial Aid Office:

"As the graduation date for high school students quickly approaches, many students and their families have concerns about how to pay for college and how to go about applying for financial aid.  
Our Financial Aid Office at Manchester Community College is willing to work with students and families to ensure that the application is completed.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you feel that you would benefit from FAFSA workshops where you can fill out your applications with the assistance of one of our financial aid professionals.  We can schedule a mutually convenient time for our staff to visit your school and assist you. 
Our office is also holding walk-in FAFSA workshops.  If you would like to attend, please email Tracey Hadden-Deptula at thadden-deptula@manchestercc.edu to confirm attendance."  

UConn Mentor Connection: 

A Real World Experience for Talented Teens

An announcement from UConn is below.

Get a glimpse of college life this summer and immerse yourself in a research or creative project  with peers with similar interests at UCONN Mentor Connection July 10 – August 6.  If you are a current 10th or 11th grade student, you have until March 13th to apply.  UCONN Mentor Connection is unique because it will provide you with the opportunity for hands-on participation in research and creative projects under the supervision of university mentors.  You will definitely learn more about your area of interest and could very well be on the path to deciding your college major!

Experience college life in a supportive setting.  Meet other bright and motivated high school students from around the country.  Attend presentations about the Honors Program, Undergraduate Admissions, First Year Experience, and career planning and meet representatives from the many cultural centers and communities on campus.   Join an evening activity and have fun getting to know the students and residential staff.

College credit is available at most mentorship sites.  Submit three essays (we won’t ask you for the meaning of life!  Tell us about yourself and your interests and why you want to attend), ask two teachers who know you and your work well to complete an academic reference form, and submit your most recent transcript.  

The application process is now open with an "early bird" option.

For more information click here.

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