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Thursday, January 28, 2016


PSAT Score Reports Revealing

Students who completed the new PSAT back in October may now access detailed reports of their performance on the test.  These scores first became available on-line and students should have been notified of this by The College Board on January 7th.  Since then, the EOS Guidance Department received (this week) paper copies of these reports and will mail home next week the individual reports to students along with their test booklets.

Included in the mailing will be a "tutorial" that provides an explanation of the following topics:  test scores, percentile scores, predicted SAT scores, score ranges, next steps with the SAT, and academic skills assessed.  For a more detailed tutorial, click here for a written explanation and here for a video review.

Students may also link their score reports to Khan Academy to receive a personalized tutorial designed to strengthen the areas in need as determined by their PSAT results.  Click here to learn more about linking score reports with Khan Academy.

Impressive PSAT Scores for EOS Students

PSAT scores earned by EOS students who completed the assessment in October are very impressive, especially when compared against state and national averages.  With this version of the PSAT serving as a precursor to the new SAT being introduced in March, many were waiting with much anticipation to see what student performances would look like relative to scores based upon previous test administrations with the old format. 

There were 159 juniors who elected to take the PSAT, representing about 54% of the total class.  The average combined score (Math and Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing) for these juniors was 1111 while the state (CT) average was 979 and the national average was 1008.  In addition, 55 sophomores completed the PSAT and their average score was 1214, outpacing the state (924) and national (931) averages for sophomores by a wide margin.

EOS Offers Free PSAT to Sophomores

EOSHS will offer an opportunity for all sophomores to take the PSAT on Monday, February 22nd and it will be free to students.  The test will be administered in the morning, beginning at 7:25 am and concluding at 11:45 am.

The primary purposes for administering this assessment in February are for students to gain both exposure to and experience with the test format and content.  With student feedback on performance coming in the form of detailed score reports, students will have valuable information in hand that will help them to identify strengths and weaknesses relative to the content and skills measured on the assessment.  And this will provide ample time for them to strengthen identified areas of weakness in preparation for the SAT that they will be encouraged to take in March of their junior year.

So, in effect, the PSAT on February 22nd will serve as a "dress rehearsal" or "scrimmage game" that will provide feedback on where they are at that point in time relative to college and career readiness.

For more information about this, students and parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their counselors.

MCC Registration Closes on February 1

Students enrolled in MCC courses at EOS have until February 1 to register for dual (EOS and MCC) credits.  Instructions for on-line registration have been provided via Guidance Matters, although unanticipated issues with the MCC portal have presented challenges for some students to complete this process.  These unforeseen issues prompted MCC to extend the original deadline of December 30 to next Monday.

To date, several students still have not registered for these FREE courses OR have registered for one but not all of those in which they are enrolled.  Teachers and counselors have reminded students to register for these free credits.  And the Guidance Office has identified students who are enrolled in these courses at EOS but have not yet registered with MCC.  The identified students and their parents received an email today (Thursday, January 28) urging them to register.

MCC will accept paper registration forms (available in the Guidance Office) if students are still unable to register through the on-line portal.

Please remind students to complete this registration process by February 1.  MCC will NOT accept registration forms submitted after this date. 

Students should contact their counselors if they need more information.

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