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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2015

Power School Portal for 2015-16 Now Open

Students may now log into their Power School accounts and open the portal to select courses for 2015-16.  To do this,  students should click on "Class Registration".  This should bring them to a screen where they'll find subject areas.  Click on the pencil icon and a list of courses will appear.  Students should check the boxes of those courses they wish to take in 2015-16 and click "Okay"..  Be sure to click the "Submit" button after selecting at least 5 credits.  Be sure, too, that students select both S1 and S2 for those courses that are year-long (for example, English).

Rest assured that course selections that students make will be reviewed and verified by counselors.  Students will also have other opportunities in the weeks ahead to make adjustments in their 2015-16 course schedules.  Final schedules that include teacher names, room assignments, and periods will be available in June.

Two New ECE Courses Offered for 2015-16

Two new Early College Experience (ECE) courses will be offered in 2015-16 and course descriptions for each are available in Naviance under the "Courses" tab.  AD Macroeconomics (UC ECON 1202) and AD Digital Media (UC DMD 1000) are available for dual enrollment credits. 

Students should contact their counselors for more information.

Dual Enrollment Courses Available at EOSHS

EOSHS has, arguably, the most extensive array of dual enrollment courses in Connecticut.  These courses are available to students as both high school and college courses (thus, the "dual" designation).  So students enrolled in these courses earn high school credits while simultaneously earning college credits as well.  EOSHS offers these courses through UConn, ECSU, and MCC.  For course descriptions, go to your Naviance Family Connections page and click on the "Courses" tab.  The list is below.

UConn Early College Experience Courses

AD English (UC ENGL 1010)
AD Biology (UC BIOL 1107)
AD Biology (UC BIOL 1108)
AD Chemistry (UC CHEM 1127Q)
AD Chemistry (UC CHEM 1128Q)
AD Digital Media (UC DMD 1000)
AD Latin 4 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Latin 5 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Micro-Economics (UC ECON 1201)
AD Macro-Economics (UC ECON 1202)
AD French 5 (UC FREN 3267 and 3268)
AD World Civilizations (UC HIST 1300)
AD Modern European History (UC HIST 1400)
AD US History (UC HIST 1501and 1502)
AD Individual & Family Development (UC HDFS 1070)
AD Latin America Studies (UC LAMS 1190)
Discrete Math (UC MATH 1030Q)
AD Calculus (UC MATH 1131Q and 1132Q)
Physics A (UC PHYS 1201Q)
AD Physics (UC PHYS 1201Q and 1202Q)
AD Spanish 5 (UC SPAN 3178 and 3179)
AD Statistics (UC STAT 1100Q)

ECSU Courses

ECSU Human Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 202/203)
ECSU Math for Liberal Arts (MAT 135)
ECSU Calculus A (MAT 243)

MCC Courses

Accounting 1A (MCC ACC 115)
Human Anatomy & Physiology A (MCC BIO 115)
Intro to Criminal Justice (MCC CJS 101)
Tech-Prep Communications (MCC COM 173)
Video Productions 1 & 2 (MCC COM 240)
Child Development (MCC ECE 101)
Allied Health (MCC HLT 103)
Tech-Prep Culinary Arts (MCC HSP 101)
Quantitative Literacy (MCC MAT 109)
Algebra 3 and Trigonometry (MCC MAT 138)
Foundations for College Success (MCC SD 111)
English 12A (MCC ENGL 101)

Registration for AP Exams Begins on Monday, March 2

Students interested in taking AP exams must register for them in the Guidance Office.  Registration begins on Monday, March 2nd and concludes on Friday, March 20th. Scheduled during the first two weeks of May, these three-hour exams are offered in a variety of subject areas.  The registration fee is $20 (cash or checks made payable to EO Smith) per exam, with the balance of $71 paid on the day of each exam.  For more information go to AP Central.

QVCC Offers Scholarships

The QVCC Foundation is awarding $125000 in scholarships to students attend school there.  The application deadline is Friday, March 13.  For more information about this scholarship opportunity, click on this link - QVCC Scholarships. 

Notice to Grade 11 Students

The Connecticut State Board of Education (Board) is launching its search process for 2015-16 student Board members.  Since 1998, two 12th-grade students have been seated on the Board.  Appointed by the Governor, these students serve one-year terms that begin on July 1.  Student members typically bring fresh and valuable perspectives to the Board's deliberations.

The application package is available by clicking here.  Complete application packages must be postmarked on or before March 16, 2015.  Applications postmarked after March 16 will not be accepted.

The State Student Advisory Council on Education (SSACE) will review all applications and will select students for an interview. A SSACE panel will conduct interviews in the spring and will refer five candidates to the Governor for his consideration.  The Governor will interview the five students and appoint two to serve on the Board from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

Yale Young Global Scholars Program

The Yale Young Scholars Program is "a very selective leadership development program for high school students from around the world.  The program is designed to bring together students with the talent, drive, energy, and ideas to make meaningful impacts as young leaders, even before they begin university studies." (from the website).  

Living on the Yale campus for two weeks during the summer, students can choose from among three programs: Politics, Law, and Economics; International Affairs and Security; and Science, Policy, and Innovation.

For more information, click on the website link above.

National College Fair Dates

The National College Fair, a program offered by the National Association for College Admissions Counselors, is "on tour" and will be in Springfield on April 12/13 and Hartford on March 25/26.  Several colleges will be represented at booths.  In addition, workshops will be offered.  For more information, click here.

Center for Creative Youth Summer Program


The Center for Creative Youth (CCY), a program of the Capitol Region Education Council, will hold its 38th annual summer residency in 2015.  CCY offers talented high school students four weeks of intensive study at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.  Classes meet daily in nine art disciplines.  
CCY enrolls approximately 150 young artists from CT, across the U.S., and outside the country.  It will begin on June 29 and conclude on July 24.  For more information, call or 860.757.6391 or visit the CCY website.

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