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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2015

2015-16 Course Selections

Power School Portal  Opens This Week

The initial stage of the 2015-16 course selection process has begun.  Students are encouraged to select courses through the Power School portal when it opens this coming week.

This first step in the process allows EOSHS to pour the foundation for the eventual construction of the 2015-16 master schedule.  Note that students will have several opportunities to make changes on their list of selections in the months ahead.  You should also note that counselors will discuss course selections and confirm choices during their upcoming individual meetings with students and their parents/guardians.

Keep in mind, too, that four-year plans of study for various post secondary options are available in Naviance.  Click on the "Courses" tab for the plans as well as to access the full list of course descriptions in the curriculum.

Registration for MCC Courses Closes on February 5

The registration process for EOS students who are enrolled in Manchester Community College (MCC) courses at EOSHS concludes on February 5th.  Students enrolled in MCC courses at EOSHS will need to register with MCC in order to be eligible to earn college credits.  And it's FREE!  Click on this link to initiate this process. This registration takes just minutes to complete - provided that students read directions first.  For a quick review of these directions, click here.

Students should make certain to provide accurate social security numbers and to select "Web for CCP" in the drop down menu. 

Students should contact their counselors for more information if needed.

QVCC Open House

QVCC in Danielson has scheduled an open house on Wednesday, February 4 at 6 PM.  This is an opportunity to meet current students and graduates as well as hear from faculty about programs offered at QVCC.  For more information, click here.

QVCC: A Game Changer!Open House

Mailing Senior Transcripts

 (Mid-Year School Reports) 

Seniors applying to colleges know that their first semester grades are typically required by college admissions offices.  Mid-year school reports that show first semester grades only will be mailed electronically to colleges when these grades become permanent after a final audit.  This should take place next week.


What Is Course Planner?

Students (and parents) can access "Course Planner" (mentioned above) by logging in to their accounts and clicking on the "Courses" tab in the menu bar. From there,  four-year plans of study may be reviewed simply by clicking on course plans. Several plans are available and each is based upon the kind of schools - defined by competitiveness (how difficult it is to be accepted - the lower the percentage of students accepted, the more competitive it is) - that a student may wish to pursue.

By clicking on any one of the plans, you will see the types of courses available to choose from that will comprise a four-year plan of study compatible with the kinds of competitive schools for that particular category.  For example, a student interested in attending a highly competitive school would click on that plan and see that the vast majority of courses from which to choose would be at the "A" level.  What is not taken into consideration are the grades that a student earns in these courses. Rather, the strength of the four-year plan is based upon the challenges posed by one's course selections.

design flaw that Naviance has not yet corrected relates to the schools of interest that are listed below the "meter" that measures strength of schedule. A plan that may be appropriate for admission to ECSU may not be sufficient for acceptance to UConn, even though Naviance is indicating otherwise. For more accurate feedback, students should speak with their counselors. Still, Course Planner may be very useful in the course selection process when taking into consideration post secondary aspirations.

Registration for AP Exams Begins on Monday, March 2

Students interested in taking AP exams must register for them in the Guidance Office.  Registration begins on Monday, March 2nd and concludes on Friday, March 20th. Scheduled during the first two weeks of May, these three-hour exams are offered in a variety of subject areas.  The registration fee is $20 (cash or checks made payable to EO Smith) per exam, with the balance of $71 paid on the day of each exam.  For more information go to AP Central.

National College Fair Dates

The National College Fair, a program offered by the National Association for College Admissions Counselors, is "on tour" and will be in Springfield on April 12/13 and Hartford on March 25/26.  Several colleges will be represented at booths.  In addition, workshops will be offered.  For more information, click here.

 UConn Mentor Connection: 

A Real World Experience for Talented Teens

An announcement from UConn is below.

Get a glimpse of college life this summer and immerse yourself in a research or creative project  with peers with similar interests at UCONN Mentor Connection July 12 – August 7.  If you are a current 10th or 11th grade student, you have until March 13th to apply.  UCONN Mentor Connection is unique because it will provide you with the opportunity for hands-on participation in research and creative projects under the supervision of university mentors.  You will definitely learn more about your area of interest and could very well be on the path to deciding your college major!

Experience college life in a supportive setting.  Meet other bright and motivated high school students from around the country.  Attend presentations about the Honors Program, Undergraduate Admissions, First Year Experience, and career planning and meet representatives from the many cultural centers and communities on campus.   Join an evening activity and have fun getting to know the students and residential staff.

College credit is available at most mentorship sites.  Submit three essays (we won’t ask you for the meaning of life!  Tell us about yourself and your interests and why you want to attend), ask two teachers who know you and your work well to complete an academic reference form, and submit your most recent transcript.  

Applications are due March 13 and status notification will be made in mid-April.

For more information click here.

Center for Creative Youth Summer Program


The Center for Creative Youth (CCY), a program of the Capitol Region Education Council, will hold its 38th annual summer residency in 2015.  CCY offers talented high school students four weeks of intensive study at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.  Classes meet daily in nine art disciplines.  
CCY enrolls approximately 150 young artists from CT, across the U.S., and outside the country.  It will begin on June 29 and conclude on July 24.  For more information, call or 860.757.6391 or visit the CCY website.

Thumbs Up Phones Down

More than nine (9) people die each day in traffic-related accidents as a result of distracted driving.  So Hartford Hospital has launched a campaign to increase awareness about putting "thumbs up" to putting phones down while driving.  Click here and take the pledge.

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