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Sunday, October 26, 2014

November 2014

Lots of Information

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New QR Code to Access Via Smart Phone

Registration for MCC Courses

The registration process has begun for EOS students who are enrolled in Manchester Community College (MCC) courses at EOSHS.  Students enrolled in MCC courses at EOSHS will need to register with MCC in order to be eligible to earn college credits.  And it's FREE!  Click on this link to initiate this process. This registration takes just minutes to complete - provided that students read directions first.  For a quick review of these directions, click here.

Students should make certain to provide accurate social security numbers and to select "Web for CCP" in the dropdown menu. 

Students should contact their counselors for more information if needed.

What Are the Similarities & Differences Between the ACT and SAT?

Did you know that more high school students in this country take the ACT than the SAT?  There are both similarities and differences when comparing the tests.  Check out the link posted under "Tutorials" to find out.

There's More - Check Out Connections

  • With first quarter report cards due out soon, do you know how grades are calculated when determining honor roll?  Do you know the difference between the 4-point scale and the six-point scale and what each is used for when calculating GPA?  
  • What's the school policy regarding level changes in courses?  When does a student need to do this?  Is there a deadline?
  • What happens when a student drops a semester course at this point in the year?  Does any record of it appear on the student's transcript?
  • Do you know what SBAC means?  Learn about what EOS is doing with regard to federal and state mandates on standardized testing.
  • There is plenty of information about EOS graduates who have gone on to MCC over the past five years.  How many have completed at least 30 credits in their first year at MCC?  How many returned to MCC for a second year?  How many EOS students were eligible to enroll immediately into college-level math and English courses?  What's required to enroll in each?  How many EOS students graduated with an Associate's Degree in two years?  Three years?  Four years?
  • Find out about the annual parent financial aid workshop presented in December and who the presenter will be.  This is a very important presentation open to all parents/guardians.

It's all answered for you by simply clicking on "Connections" below!


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