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Thursday, August 14, 2014

September 2014

Welcome to a New School Year!

And a Newer Version of Guidance Matters

Notice the Changes

If you've been here before (and we certainly hope you have), you'll notice some changes we've made to the blog that are designed to make this site a one-stop shopping visit for many of your guidance-related matters.  There is a proverbial ton of information posted on this page.  Look around. Not all has changed, however.   There are still parts of the page that remain the same.  It is the 100th post since Guidance Matters arrived on-line four years ago.  So, it's time for a bit of a makeover.

Alright - so what's new, what's changed, and what has remained the same?

Let's start with what's the same.  

Set Your GPS in the upper right corner is in the same place.  It's a website that can help you get on a path for growth and keep you on it.  Based upon Carol Dweck's book called Mindset, there are several resources, videos, and links that provide a map to get you where you wish to go.  If you believe that challenges present possibilities for growth, then you'll want to check out this link.  If, on the other hand, you believe that obstacles are immovable, then guess what?  You need to click the link, anyway, in order to clear those obstacles from your path.

What has changed on this aforementioned website is the look and feel of it.  Check it out!

Naviance/Family Connections remains in the same location, too.  Much more space will be devoted to the program in this space.  Look for video tutorials in the coming weeks that will help guide you through the program.  This link offers a whole host of ideas, data, and information you need to know in order to make wise and informed decisions about your future.

Articles of Interest hasn't moved, either.  This space will be loaded with fresh links in each new blog post.  

And what's changed?

The Tutorials section has been revised and will grow throughout the year.  Stay tuned for more information about tutorials that will be added in the weeks and months ahead.  Seniors - note that a video has been added in this section that helps you complete the Common Application and link your application to your Naviance Account.

The EOS Guidance Twitter link is in the upper left corner.  This is relatively new and serves as another way to communicate  Be sure to "follow" if you have your own Twitter account..  This is updated frequently with new tweets.

Helpful Links, Financial Aid, and Career Resources have been added to the left of this page.  Take time to check these out.

One Other Notable and New Addition

Posts will be delivered monthly - usually at the start of each month.  What's significantly different is that the information will be presented in a newsletter format.  Why?  Hopefully, you'll find this format more visually pleasing and easier to read.  And, if you download it (it's a PDF), you can read it without needing a wifi connection.

This September issue focuses upon 
  • dual enrollment programs at EOS
  • the benefits of these programs
  • financial aid and reducing the rising costs of higher education
  • course planner in Naviance
  • helpful links related to the college process and financial aid
  • other information you should know
  • some important announcements related to the scheduling and the start of school
  • PSAT dates and registration
  • some impressive numbers
  • find out where graduates landed from each decile (rank) and more
  • get up-to-date information about UConn ECE registration
  • learn how to register for the dual enrollment courses offered through ECSU

Click on Connections below to bring you to a pdf version of the newsletter.  

Go ahead & check it out-It's been put together with you in mind!


Hope you find it informative!  Let us know.

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