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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 15, 2014

Finalizing 2014-15 Course Schedules

Students will be able to view their tentative 2014-15 class schedules at 3:45 pm today (6/11) by logging into their Power School accounts.  Note that these schedules are tentative.

Counselors are currently adjusting 2014-15 course schedules as they respond to students requests (to add and/or drop classes), teacher recommendations, course prerequisites, and changes in the master schedule.  To date, a few changes have been made in the past week to the master schedule and this has prompted changes in some student schedules as well.  In virtually every instance, changes in student schedules resulting from adjustments in the master schedule have simply altered the sequence of courses in the daily schedule (meaning that a class that originally appeared in the B period time slot, for example, may now be in the H period time slot).
Students may still request changes through the end of this school year and should contact their counselors ASAP if they wish to do so.  Any change made after June 20 will be due to failing final grades in current courses or failure to meet prerequisites in courses scheduled for 2014-15.

Counselors will be available sporadically during the summer and will return on Thursday, August 21st.  Students are encouraged to contact their counselors regarding this availability.

ECE and On-Campus Course Registration

The final date on which students may submit online applications for Early College Experience courses to UConn has passed.  At this point, students who are scheduled to take ECE courses at EOSHS in 2014-15 and who have not submitted their applications will need to register in early September through the add/drop process in order to be eligible to earn free college credits.  More information on this will be available at the start of the school year.
Doing neither will result in a lost opportunity.
As for on-campus registration, students interested in taking a course on campus should bring their completed registration forms to the Guidance Office by June 19.

For Graduating Seniors

Mailing Final Transcripts to Colleges

Students moving on to higher education should expect their final EOS transcripts to be mailed in early July.  It's during the first week of July that the EOS Guidance Department hopes to have transcripts available for mailing. 
If seniors have not already informed the Guidance Department where they will be attending school in 2014-15, they'll need to do so immediately.  Without this information, the Guidance Department will be unable to mail the transcript, the final and necessary step in the matriculation process.

 Transfer Credit Policy for UConn

Students looking to transfer MCC credits to UConn should refer to the transfer credit policy established by the latter.  Click on this link to learn more.  Be sure to use the drop down menu.


Students Seeking Summer School Opportunities

Rockville High School will offer summer school courses for students seeking to remediate failing grades.  EOS students who are looking to earn credits in courses they've failed this year must receive at least a "50" in order to be eligible for summer school credits.
For more information about this summer school opportunity, call 860.870.6050, extension 310.

Windham High School will also offer summer school courses.  For more information, call 860.465.2750.

An Opportunity for High School Students

Central CT State University (CCSU) will host 2014 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) Program for rising 9 to 12 grade students from July 28th to August 1st.  This NSTI Program sponsored by Federal Highway Administration is open to participants attending public and private middle and high schools in Connecticut.  The purpose of this program is to stimulate interest in participants to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in the transportation industry.
2014 NSTI at CCSU is a one-week, non-residential program.  Each selected participant will receive $100 stipend at the graduation ceremony to compensate transportation cost.  Interested students can apply on-line here.  Priority application date is June 30th, 2014.  Paper application is also available on this program’s website.

Math Packets Available on School Web Site

EOS students are expected to complete a math packet this summer that is specific to the math courses they are scheduled to take in 2014-15.  These packets are available at this link.  Students are expected to turn in their packets at the start of the new school year.

AP Exam Scores Available in July

AP exam scores will be made available in late July on The College Board's AP Central web site.  Look for notification on the availability of these scores.  For more information, click on AP Central.

Go Back to Get Ahead

Go Back to Get Ahead is a new program offered by the CT Public University System, CT Board of Regents for Higher Education, and State of CT that is designed to help adults finish what they may have started in previous years - namely, a college degree.  This limited time offer provides an opportunity for eligible individuals to earn up to three FREE courses at any of 17 public colleges and universities in either an online or in-person format.
For more information on this exciting opportunity, click here.


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