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Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

Registration for ECE Courses Closes on June 1

On-line registration continues until June 1st for courses offered by UConn's Early College Experience Program and taken at EOSHS.  Information about the registration process was made available on the May 1 blog post that you can access by clicking here.   Contact your counselor for more information.

For updates on the registration process, click here to go directly to the ECE web site registration link.

For Students Interested in Courses on UConn Campus

With construction of the 2014-15 master schedule near completion, it's time for EOS students interested in taking courses on the UConn campus for the fall semester to contact Doug Melody. 
For now, the most expeditious way to express interest is via email (dmelody@eosmith.org).  The class schedule is available on the UConn website and by clicking here.  Be sure to select Fall 2014 from the drop down menu and to select "Storrs" for the campus.  There is drop down menu for departments as well.  Courses are listed there along with meeting times.  Enrollment numbers are also available.  See below for eligibility criteria.
Eligible students (11th and 12th grade students with academic credentials - strong transcript and combined SAT scores of 1200+ in Critical Reading and Math) may request enrollment in no more than two classes per semester. Decisions on enrollment are made by the Early College Experience Office. EOS students enroll as part-timers. Typically, about 30 students enroll in courses there each semester.

Final grades earned in courses there appear on both EOS transcripts and UConn transcripts. It should be noted that the grades earned in courses taken on campus are NOT factored into the EOS cumulative GPA.
 Note that students successfully completing AD Calculus this year are automatically eligible for enrollment in UC MATH 2110 in the fall semester.  A section has already been designated for EOS students and the class will meet on Mondays and Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm.


What Should Children Be Taught at Home?

Take the Survey and Compare Your Values to Those in Other Countries

Which countries share your parenting values?  Take an interactive survey (World Values Survey) by clicking here and find out how your values match up with others around the world.

 Method Test Prep Offers Video Tutorials

Method Test Prep, a web-based test prep program that the EOS Guidance Department purchases for students to help them prepare for both the SAT and ACT, has posted its webinars and classes offered over the past several weeks.  For more information, click here and here.  For more information about changes in the SAT, click here.


Center for Creative Youth

The Center for Creative Youth (CCY) is a four-week summer residency in the arts for talented high school students. This program increases artistic and academic skills in an advanced and intensive arts curriculum, and reduces racial isolation as diverse students live and work together. Students gain new insight from the multicultural perspectives presented in each of the art forms and are encouraged to become more active performers and audience members. In each of the art disciplines, students gain practical experience in an advanced curriculum emphasizing critical thinking, interdisciplinary and multicultural learning, leadership skills and historical context. Students leave CCY with a better perspective on career and higher education choices.

Visit here for more information.

Interested in STEM? Check Out This FREE Resource

The University of California at Irvine has developed a FREE on-line resource for students interested in the Science Technology Engineering Math fields.  Offered entirely on-line, this summer program consists of modules covering pre-biology, pre-calculus, pre-chemistry, and pre-physics.  Click here for more information.

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