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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 15, 2014

SAT Scores by Decile for Class of 2013

Below you see a bar graph that provides a description of the spread of SAT scores earned by recent graduates of the Class of 2013.  Each bar represents a decile (the class divided evenly into ten groups), with the first decile representing the top ten percent of students as defined by Academic (weighted) GPA, the second decile representing the next ten percent, etc.  The number at the top of each bar indicates the amount of students within the decile that took the SAT at least once.  The horizontal line cutting across the bars represents benchmark national average for each sub test (Math, Critical Reading, and Writing).


EOS Announces Partnership With ECSU


EOSHS is excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Eastern CT State University (ECSU) that will provide opportunities for EOS students to enroll in ECSU courses while still attending EOS.  Similar to the partnerships that EOSHS has with UConn and Manchester Community College, ECSU courses approved by departments there will be offered to eligible students in a dual enrollment format.  The one difference is that students will be charged a nominal fee for enrollment in the ECSU courses.
The initial roll out for 2014-15 will include three courses in the EOS curriculum.  They are Calculus A, Algebra 3 and Trigonometry, and Human Anatomy & Physiology A.  The Human Anatomy & Physiology B course will earn students MCC credits.
For more information about these opportunities, students are encouraged to speak with their counselors.

Power School Portal for 2014-15 Now Open

Students may now log into their Power School accounts and open the portal to select courses for 2014-15.  To do this,  students should click on "Course Registration" and then scroll up and click on their names.  This should bring them to a screen where they'll find subject areas.  Click on the subject area and a list of courses will appear.  Students should check the boxes of those courses they wish to take in 2014-15.  Be sure to click the "Submit" button after each selection.  Be sure, too, that students select both S1 and S2 for those courses that are year-long (for example, English).
Rest assured that course selections that students make will be reviewed and verified by counselors.  Students will also have other opportunities in the weeks ahead to make adjustments in their 2014-15 course schedules.  Final schedules that include teacher names, room assignments, and periods will be available in June.

Center for Creative Youth Summer Program


The Center for Creative Youth (CCY), a program of the Capitol Region Education Council, will hold its 38th annual summer residency in 2014.  CCY offers talented high school students four weeks of intensive study at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.  Classes meet daily in nine art disciplines. 
CCY enrolls approximately 150 young artists from CT, across the U.S., and outside the country.  It will begin on June 29 and conclude on July 26.  For more information, call or 860.757.6391 or visit the CCY website.


Financial Aid Toolkit


Federal Student Aid (FSA) recently launched the Financial Aid Toolkit.  Click here to access this site.

The toolkit consolidates FSA resources into a search able database.

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