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Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 15, 2014

Manchester Community College

Free Courses - Registration Open Until January 15

Students enrolled in Manchester Community College courses offered at EOS need to COMPLETE the MCC application on line by January 15th if they wish to earn MCC credits in these courses.  For more information, click on this link.

UConn Applications Are Due on January 15

Applying to UConn?  Applications are due and must be submitted to the UConn Admissions Office by January 15th.
Also, students planning to enroll in a course on the UConn Campus during the next semester need to complete a registration form by Friday, January 17th.  See Doug Melody about courses if interested in enrolling on campus.  Forms, by the way, are available in the Guidance Office. 

A New Year Brings Hope for Changing Habits

 You've surely heard this before - that human beings are creatures of habit.  Our lives are constructed upon a foundation of habits as they provide a certain structure to our daily lives.  But some habits are more constructive than others, and January 1 of each year seems to trigger a review of these habits.  After all, isn't this how new year's resolutions sprout?

Here is a book worth reading about habits  - The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  For more information about the book and to hear an interview with the author click here. 

Would you really like to follow your new year resolutions throughout the year?  Give a few minutes to the interview and decide for yourself.

New Year's Resolution - Completing All Homework

 For example, maybe completing homework regularly is an issue one would like to improve upon.  According to Duhigg, this is clearly a habit that one can change for the better.  And The College Board even offers tips on how to Take Control of Homework
Then again, there are some who feel that homework should be abolished - that it's an unnecessary burden that only interferes with family life and other more important endeavors.  Some even wonder if homework should be factored into a student's grade.  For a take on this perspective, you may want to read Today's Assignment: The End of Homework.
Unless or until homework is eliminated, students will need to find a way to complete assignments in a timely and attentive manner.  Taking control of homework is a critical antecedent to student success.

Knowing Who You Are

Counselors Meet With 10th Graders

Complete "Do What You Are"

We all know about physical fitness and what we can do in the way of exercises, diet, rest and the like in order to become more physically fit. But what about mental fitness - Is it possible for us to become more mentally fit? Can we actually strengthen our cognitive capacity, expand our mental muscle, and stretch our malleable minds? There is enough evidence to suggest we can. But, much like physical fitness requires intelligent and intense effort, so too does mental fitness require this kind of effort. An article appearing in Time, Teens' IQ May Rise or Fall Over Time, addressed this issue. Is intelligence fluid? Or is it fixed?

Of course, nothing is as clean and precise as research sometimes indicates. Still, preferences and tendencies may be revealed that could lead to interesting discoveries. It used to be "common knowledge" that intelligence was a fixed trait and captured on "intelligence" tests. Many have since challenged this notion, including Howard Gardner of Harvard (multiple intelligences) and Robert Sternberg of (formerly Yale) Oklahoma State University (triarchic theory of intelligence). Intelligence is much more than what may be measured by an intelligence test (or SAT, for that matter - by the way, The College Board actually changed the "A" in SAT from "aptitude" - implying innate intelligence - to "assessment" - denoting achievement). Guess what? Now the "A" stands for absolutely nothing. SAT stands for SAT. Anyway, intelligence is much more fluid, subject to change, than was once thought.

The same may be considered of personality temperaments. In past posts on this blog, descriptions of four basic temperaments - reduced from the sixteen "personality types" defined in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - were provided that may resemble different kinds of individuals that comprise a student body (or even a human race). If you were asked to review these descriptions and then choose in order the pairs of students likely to be successful in a school environment, you probably could do it with reasonable accuracy.

Each type/temperament has its strengths. Each has its weaknesses as well. Without getting too technical (and long-winded), suffice it to say that all of us possess the potential for developing the strengths inherent in each temperament. Obviously, it requires effort - intelligent and intense effort. We can become intellectually stronger, more flexible in our thinking, and we can cultivate the stamina sometimes required in challenging situations. Repeat - it takes intelligent and intense effort, in the same way that it requires this kind of effort to become more physically fit. Of course, there are limits to what one may be capable of doing simply because of one's genetic makeup, but there is also a range within this makeup where one can move along a continuum. The ideal would be for each person to move to the upper limits of this range. Repeat - it takes intelligent and intense effort to do this.

Counselors met with 10th graders this week to help guide them through this inventory.  Students who complete "Do What You Are" (high school version of the MBTI) in Naviance - it's part of their Student Success Plan - receive a detailed description of their strengths as well as their "blind spots." It's very useful information that can serve as a workout plan to make one more mentally fit. Repeat - it takes..

Sometimes personality temperaments can clash. You may want to read how in
Ambitious Parents, Mellow Children.

 Method Test Prep Offers Webinar Tutorials

Method Test Prep, the company that offers the SAT/ACT program located on your Naviance homepage, is offering a "boot camp" of mini-sessions for a nominal price.  Click here for more information.
Students who recently took the PSAT may register for a free review of their PSAT scores.  to register, click here.  
For other helpful advice from Method Test Prep, click here to access this information.


SAT Prep Company Offers SAT Diagnostic

Lentz & Lentz, a test-prep company that has been offering programs at EOS for several years, is administering a Diagnostic SAT at EOSHS on February 5th from 6:30-9:30 pm.  There is a $15 fee.  Registration forms are available in the Guidance Office.

Fine Arts Department Has Openings for Second Semester

The Fine Arts Department still has some openings available in courses for the second semester. These include music courses as well.
See your counselor for more information and to register for a course. 

Look for Information About the Course Selection Process

 The 2014-15 course selection process will soon begin.  The Power School portal will be open in early February and students will be able to select next year's courses at that time.  Look for more information about this in the next post. 


College Goals Sunday

Program Providing Free Assistance for FAFSA
Sunday, January 26
1:30-4:30 pm

The Connecticut College Goal Sunday (CGS) program is an effort by hundreds of volunteers from across Connecticut who will come together with the common goal of making sure that the process of applying for college financial aid does not become an obstacle that would keep any person from pursuing an education beyond high school. By attending a College Goal Sunday event, participants will receive free, hands-on assistance in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and they will walk away with the satisfaction of knowing they have accomplished one of the biggest steps in getting ready to go to college. Connecticut’s CGS will take place at a number of accessible sites throughout the state. In addition to receiving assistance in filling out the FAFSA, participants will receive general information regarding financial aid programs. 

Click on link for more information


Governor Announces New Behavioral Health Resources Website

A press release from the Office of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Tuesday announced that a new state Web page streamlines resources to help families with insurance coverage and reimbursement for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.
The Insurance Department’s “Mental Health Parity” Web page is a compilation of free resources, publications and tools that consumers can easily access through the Insurance Department’s Web site.  “Our focus remains sharply on removing barriers to mental health treatment and allowing families to get the help and support they need,” Malloy said. “We continue to enhance our mental health infrastructure in a number of ways and this online resource is one more example of that.”
The new site includes the Insurance Department’s Behavioral Health Took Kit, a step-by-step plain-language template that families and providers can use to submit to insurance companies for preauthorization of medically necessary behavioral health services. The Tool Kit was launched in October, the same time the state announced it was dedicating $9 million in federal funds to address the needs of children in schools.
Insurance Commissioner Thomas B. Leonardi encourages consumers to visit the new page and take advantage of the resources there that can help them navigate the claims process and gain a better understanding of their rights under state and federal laws.“Sometimes those barriers to access are piles of insurance paperwork and it doesn’t have to be that way,” Commissioner Leonardi said. “Our staff is here for you – the consumer – to answer your questions, investigate your complaints and get you the care and coverage you need. Each year we help recover more than $4 million on behalf of Connecticut consumers.”
For more information on the new Web page visit the CID Web site.

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