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Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

Registration for AP Exams

Registration for AP exams administered at EOSHS in May will begin on March 11 and close on March 29.  The registration fee is $15 for each exam.  Students wishing to register for exams in the Guidance Office should bring cash or checks made payable to EOSHS.  The balance ($74) will be owed on the day of each exam.

What Parents Don’t Know About Teenagers
Tenth-graders were recently asked to share what they thought parents don't know about them.  Below is an unedited list of their responses.

1.    The teacher’s personality has a huge impact on how I do in the class.

2.    I don’t do my homework for myself. I do it because I don’t want to disappoint my teacher.

3.    We are not irresponsible thrill seekers all the time; this is actually rare.

4.    “Teenage Philosophy” is that it works differently or the same; there is this social scale just like there is in the adult world being separated into groups of the social class.

5.    We feel that if an entire class doesn’t do well on a test, then it’s not always the students’ fault.

6.    We seriously need that cool-down time when we get home, or we might explode.

7.    Adults don’t realize that there are other healthy lifestyles in the world.

8.    Teens are usually quiet in school.

9.    Teens want to stay young.

10.  Teens know if they are spoiled yet try not to be.

11.  Teens have limitless potential in every subject o—school, sports, music.

12.  We really don’t care about grades.

13.  We act like we’re not smart to fit in with a group of people.

14.  We are afraid to fail in front of others.

15.  Most teenagers smell bad and don’t know it.

16.  We love to elevate ourselves when it’s cool to do so.

17.  We are very unaware about our surroundings because we’re worried about our appearance.

18.  We are desperate for attention in ANY way, even if it’s self-destructive.

19.  Parents give more trust to the younger siblings.

20.  Teenagers are not always greedy.

21.  We hate being compared to others.

22.  We understand that we can’t just leave our clothes on the floor, but we feel we have not time to put them away.

23.  Your chili is inedible.

24.  We are not all friends with your friends’ kids.

25.  Teens flourish without stress, both in school and sports.

26.  Not every teen learns the same way, and not every teen will end up using all that they learn in school. Once they know what they want to do, stop force-feeding them useless information and punishing them for not caring or trying.

27.  Many teens often “live life to the fullest” and screw up and/or miss opportunities to do great things.

28.  If you don’t make dinner, I’m not going to make it myself because I’m lazy and because you never taught me how to cook.

29.  You think I don’t want to talk to you but joking around with parents is actually fun.

30.  I want your advice but I don’t want to actually tell you what’s wrong.

31.  Not everyone likes me as a person or a friend. Sometimes it just turns out that way; and I don’t want to fix that relationship; it’s easier to hate them than try to be friends.

32.  I just want to [go to] college. This school technique of being required to take classes that we don’t like is getting old. I just want freedom. I was so excited to go from Southeast, to MMS, and MMS to EOS. This next step is just taking too long!

33.  I’m smart, sometimes my grades don’t reflect that. I’m just afraid you’ll use my grades to push me into something I personally don’t want to do.

34.  They don’t get that we are pushed, and pushed, and pushed some more in school until our brains burst and they still have greater expectations for us at home.

35.  Parents do not understand how much we care sometimes; they might say ‘put away your fill-in-the-blank and say, “You don’t care for the needs of our family” while, in fact, we do but just don’t show it.

36.  Parents don’t realize how much we love them and admire them and want to be like them.

37.  Forcing a teen to do something doesn’t work; the teen must have a passion for doing something to excel in it.

38.  Technology has isolated teens.

39.  Teens do use caution when using social media.

40.  Don’t give the answer right away; we want to figure it out ourselves.

41.  Some teens are addicted to drama.

42.  Teens can fall anywhere on the introvert-extrovert scale.

43.  Teens usually rebel for independence or for a specific cause.

44.  Teens strive for independence, and will become enraged if it is taken away.

45.  Arts and crafts make everything better; if you can incorporate them into learning, do it. It is an insight to our minds.

46.  Be honest with us. We will find out one way or another, so why not develop trust rather than keep secrets?

47.  We hate to listen and love to talk. Long schpeals  are frustrating and sometimes accusatory. Let your child discuss it; it keeps us interested.

48.  Your child WILL start fights and make mistakes. Let them.

49.  Your child is overwhelmed; things seem to be closing in on them on all sides.

50.  A million different responsibilities seem to be pressing in all at once.

51.  Your child is lost. Because of the consistent push to write another useless essay their brains have little time to think about what they actually want out of life.

52.  Your child is frustrated. Answers don’t come easily and even if they did, we don’t have time to find them.

53.  Your child is desperately stuck in a loop of horrors and new feelings that just seem to make life a living hell.

54.  Stop telling us to socialize, just because it’s not in person, doesn’t mean we aren’t doing that all the time.

55.  Relationship advice would be cool, even if stupid at the time.

56.  I like doing things with my family, but sometimes I need to be around my friends.

57.  Yes, I see my friends at school every day, and ‘no’, we never run out of things to talk about.

58.  There should always be a ridiculous amount of food in the house, because I am always hungry.

59.  While they disagree with their parents’ life choices and resent being yelled at or punished, teens often absorb their parents’ ideas and values, and many want to someday raise their own children in a similar way.

60.  Teens have a vested interest in matters of politics, regardless of whether they can vote, and they will defend their positions adamantly when other teens disagree.

61.  The easier teens’ parents are on them, the bigger expectations they have for themselves and the more harshly they judge themselves.

62.  Even teens with a lot of friends believe they are unpopular because they feel hopelessly lonely all the time.

63.  If I had energy to not be lazy, I wouldn’t ever be lazy.

64.  I hate when people touch my stuff!

65.  We talk differently to adults then we do to peers.

66.  The only way to get your child or teenager to put school literally in front of everything else, is bad parenting.

67.  Freedom is the most important thing on a teenager’s mind.

68.  Confining a teenager only makes exploration that much more important to them.

69.  Don’t underestimate the impact of children’s shows on teens.

70.  Teens love having a good rime, but there is always time for seriousness.

71.  Sandwiches are the best thing since sliced bread.

72.  Sometimes we do know more than you. It hurts the ego, but that phrase “hire a teenager while they still know everything” sometimes applies.

73.  Some rules don’t apply, In fact, when they’re as stupid as some of them are, all the more reason to break them.  But we do know right from wrong.

74.  We will never have to “find x”.

75.  If we get a bad grade in a subject, we blame it on the fact that we didn’t have enough time to prepare (even though we probably did have quite a bit of time but wasted it doing some other thing).

76.  Sometimes school just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

77.  Between school work, sleep, friends and the gym, I have almost 0 time to do anything that keeps me creative:  drawing, reading, playing the guitar, etc.

78.  My generation’s taste in music, fashion (i.e. “swag”) and how they behave in general sickens me. Not all of them are so bad though; I meet a couple of teenagers who are pretty decent once in a while.

79.  I really wish I have the time to read.

80.  School is pretty easy. The social aspect is the worst part.

81.  I hide my emotions because I internalize everything and feel other people’s pain; so I don’ know whose emotions I’m showing.

82.  Your child is lost in a world of suspicion.

83.  Your child’s life is gritty.

84.  Your child can forgive in a different way than adults can.

85.  Your child is not afraid to throw rocks.

86.  We always push the button when told not to.

87.  Teens don’t need that much sleep to go through a day.

88.  Parents don’t know how fake teenagers are. They pretend to be someone they’re not so they fit in.

89.  Parents don’t understand that we do not like telling them personal information. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and is meant for a friend’s ears only.

90.  Parents don’t understand how much we still want their attention; whether it is negative or positive, it’s still attention.

91.  I want to be a stay-at-home mom although I’m supposed to practice being equal with men.

92.  We don’t like talking about school at dinner. It just reminds us of the stress and it’s so annoying.

93.  We have a basic human need for interaction.

94.  We work well under pressure.

95.  We have not lived as much as you, but let us figure it out. Please don’t ruin it for me.

96.  We have the ability to watch gruesome/gory/bloody movies.

97.  We do not like your music; it does not matter how much you make us listen, we will never like it.

98.  We are to a point, emotionless.

99.  We understand more than you think; when we ask you what is the matter and you tell us that we won’t understand, we probably will.

100 We do NOT like the same clothes as you; we hate it when you buy us clothing that looks exactly like yours.

101 You think a lot of things mean something to me, but I really don’t care.

102We hate being judged by other people—especially other teens.

103 If I’m having a bad day, you ask, “What’s wrong?”, even though they know I’m not going to tell them.

104 When I’m listening to music, you talk to me or tell me something thinking I can hear you.

105 I don’t like most other people.

106The funniest kids are the ones who care the most about what others think.

107We know you talk differently when you’re trying to impress people.

108Adults don’t get our open minds, ready to absorb information; if we don’t pay attention to you, we are processing information.

109Adults don’t get tee love/relationships. They forget what it was like after being married for 15 or 20 years.

110Your child thinks of how to become a better person but is afraid to change.

111Teenagers often think of the future, but no the near future – the distant one (i.e., 30 years from now).

112We never get to speak our minds fully.

113Your child likes fun handshakes.

114 I turn my music up so I can’t hear you but the volume doesn’t go up high enough.

115 Parents say you’re socially awkward because you don’t say “Hi”, to her, but you hate that person and they don’t understand that at all.

116  I love being alone.

117.I’m not a fan of engaging in conversation.

118.Teens like it when a teacher is funny and chill.

119. We can get into deep, meaningful discussions sometimes that are very deep.

120. The jokes adults think are funny, aren’t.

121. Teens sometimes actually do miss going to school over the summer.

122. I try and stay as quiet as possible so you can sleep, but when I’m sleeping that seems to be the time to vacuum

123.We’re always scared, no matter how confident we seem.

124.There are only a few escape hatches in the society we live in (suicide/self-harm, run away, go crazy) and you have to teach us to close these hatches – pestering us doesn’t work.

125You are so caught up in the idea that you want YOUR chld to succeed, that you have a small influence on our decision to do so, so stop pressuring us—we have enough bullshit in our lives as it is.

      126.We’re KIDS.  We make more mistakes than most; we do stupid stuff.  But we           live and learn on our own at our own pace. So back off. We need our space to reflect on all this stuff sometimes.

128. Packed lunches are better than school lunches, teens, just don’t like to pack them themselves.

129. Don’t think teens are not grateful for you. They are in so many more ways then you think.

130.We aren’t lazy – we are tired! There’s a difference.

131.Your teen wants to make you happy; they strive to achieve and accomplish and only stop caring when you do.

132.Your teen isn’t comfortable with him/;herself. As pretty as you tell them they are, they think you’re only saying it because they have to.

133.Your teen IS happy, even though they may not always look it; they are pretty happy with their life. Bad days will come and go, and fond memories of you caring for them when sick will stay with your teen forever.

134.Your child hangs out with the wrong set of kids.

135. Sometimes I do the wrong thing, just to hear my mom lecture me, so I know she cares.

136.Sometimes I will fight with my brother, just so we can make up.

137 Sometimes when I write in my notebook at home, I will leave it out in the open with the chance that someone will read it and understand me more.

138 I won’t give my parents attention, just to see how much attention they give me.

139. Every month I say I’m going to change something about my life that I’m not comfortable with; it hardly ever happens – I just learn how to deal with it.

140.Teens are the best at improving or making things up to save themselves or others around them.

141Teens only act mature to impress others around them, or when there is a reward/benefit for acting mature.

142 No matter how confident your child seems, he/she is always insecure about something.

143Music or art is their savior.

144They want to be the same as everyone else—they don’t know that being different is what you strive for when you grow up.

145.They feel weighed down by the shadows of those who’ve come before them.

146. Our parents think we spend our whole lives socializing, but we have no social life at all.

147.Your child wants to do well, but “well” isn’t clearly defined.

148.Your child holds conflicting ideals and is struggling to find the ones that fit right.

149.Your child has potential, no matter how unmotivated and disconnected he/she may seem.

150Your child is trying to become independent, but can’t see the full picture.

151Your child has insecurities, even if they are “very popular”.

152Winning fairly is less important to your child than winning.

153All children possess a diving spark. There are no tracks. A train station devoid of a set of rails.

154We are deathly afraid of each other. We forget learning trumps mistakes.

155Deep down, none of us are capable of giving up.

156We don’t want to grow up. We are just wanting everyone else to be a kid again.

157 Help me succeed and I will probably always respect you.

158.Having fun with friends doesn’t mean drinking or smoking. Give me more credit than the average teen.

159.Don’t ask me what I learned that day in school. I don’t want to summarize everything. It’s annoying.

160.If we don’t feel respected we won’t respect you. Tell me my opinion doesn’t matter and I will never think of you the same.

161. It’s annoying and frustrating when everyone gets punished for one person’s mistake.

162. It’s true, you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

163.Swearing is a lot of fun, if you practice it in the right audience.

164.They think that you have it easy. Your job may be fun or exciting or even as “terrible” as school, but above all, you get paid.

165.Teachers rarely teach creativity anymore, so when the opportunity to create arises, teens are often left blanking.

166. If we are in front of a computer “writing an essay”, we are probably browsing the internet a good half of the time.

167. We never actually start long assignments as they are assigned; most of the time we start the night before.

168.We think that education is important.

169.We’re academically competitive.

170. Even though parents think they can still keep us under control, we know exactly how to manipulate them.

171.Teenagers know their own academic ability; they just don’t want to show it.

172 Every teenager can find a way to relate to Holden Caulfield’s thoughts.

173.When teenagers complain about a lack of sleep to their friends, most of the time they’re not actually  tired. They do it to seem cool.

174Teenagers actually do care about their futures; they just don’t want to let it slip because their parents (though unwilling to admit it) would never leave them alone about their plans.

175.We are aware of our own mortality more than we are given credit for.

176.The futility of school is maddening to us.

177. For a teen, no place is “safe” unless it is voluntary. We need safe places to try out not only new ideas but actions, and ways of being.

178. We’re so used to being able to complain all day at school, we forget that you don’t see it for what it is o—an insincere release.

179.  I’ve grown up in a society where most eye contact is confrontational or sexual, and you demanding it from me is not helping our discussion.

180.Not all of us want to be cool; some of us would love to just be ourselves, even if it means sticking out or being invisible. To some of us, being cool is not actually so appealing, unlike what many adults think.

181.If I don’t respond or do what you want when you want it, don’t assume I wasn’t listening or don’t care. I do. I’m just asserting my own personhood!

182.Sometimes we proudly announce hopes and dreams, but might actually feel insecure.

183.Sometimes we wish things could be simpler.

184.Adults don’t know that teenagers feel sympathetic towards all our peers because we are all in the same, exact situation
185. My inability to respond to your idle questioning about my day speaks of what things I’ve held within my memory not my lack of will to talk to you.

186.Teens run away from a memory that hut them, but no matter where you go or what time has passed, you will start again where you ran away from that memory/trouble.

187. Having our empty hearts and minds causes to do so many things that we don’t like in a hope we will fill that empty space.

188. Every teen thinks about death daily!!!

189. Teens choose to love someone because they have this empty heart or empty mind of thoughts. They think the attention of that one person will make them feel better and more on-going.

190.Whenever they get into trouble, they expect their parents to bale them out.

191.They never show emotion until they’re 100% broken.

192. Parents don’t realize the amount of things their child tries to do at once.

193. W are more worried about what our parents will think of the grades we get rather than how much we actually care ourselves.

194. We do not worry as much as we say we do.

195. As teenagers, we try to find the easiest way out of something.

196. Many of us find comfort in solidarity.

197.I have different interests; that doesn’t make me weird or screwed up.

198.Some teens mostly care about themselves and family.

199.We don’t show we care until we need to.

200. We are afraid to grow up because when we do we feel we are going to lose our friends.

201. We always have out phones and stay up late because we are paranoid our social life in going to go under; that rumors are being made about us, or that our friends need us.

202.We always want to be with our friends because in our minds we have two families, and we have been with our biological one for the last decade.

203. We like when adults notice us doing something good and say something about it.

204.Teenage years are rough, so most of us spend our time on modern technology, such as phones, computers and television.

205.Even though we spend time using technology, but we also enjoy fresh air and being outside.

206.We are also concerned about what we are doing, such as how we eat or what clubs or sports we are in.

207.Your child knows right from wrong but would rather experiment with “wrong”.

208.Your child wants to succeed but doesn’t know how to ask for help.

209. Your child is scared to leave the safety-zone that is high school.

210.  I got on the internet without having internet in fifth grade without knowing I did it.

211.  I love strawberry milk.

212.  I don’t like to wait for anything.

213.  A lot of us are broken inside, but don’t show it.

214.  Taking us out of sports won’t make us do better.

215.  When you yell at us we’re blocking you out and thinking or singing something in our heads but if you talk we’ll listen.

216. Dying our hair and wearing crazy things is our way of expressing ourselves.

217.Parents don’t know we like certain classes.

218.Teens really can’t remember 500 things.

219.You only need to tell me things once.

220.Art is not as interesting as you think.

221.The music you play in the car sucks.

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