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Saturday, January 26, 2013

February 1, 2013

Instructions for Accessing Semester Two Classes
With the second semester scheduled to begin on Monday, the student matrix of courses (the arrangement of a student's classes in the school day - in what order they meet) will not become available until Monday morning.  However, students are encouraged to review their list of second semester courses beforehand to make certain it is an accurate list.  Below are the instructions for doing this.
Log into the student portal of Power School and click on Grades and Attendance.  This will bring the student to a list of her/his classes for the second semester. 
If the list looks familiar and is accurate, there is no need to do anything.  Students should simply follow their schedules.  As mentioned above, the schedule matrix will become available on Monday morning and students may wish to print copies if they wish.  Paper copies will also be available in the LMC prior to the start of school should students need them.
Students should contact their counselors via email for any changes/corrections in their schedules that need to be made for the second semester.  Counselors are scheduled to be in English classes for most of Monday and will make changes when time permits.  Expect a confirmation email.
Students should contact their counselors if they need more information or have questions about schedules.
Instructions for Selecting 2013-14 Courses
Planning is already taking place for the 2013-14 school yearNinth-graders have already tentatively selected their courses for next year and they have until Tuesday, February 5th to make changes in this first stage of planning.  The portal will then be closed to them.  Rest assured that there will be several opportunities to make changes in 2013-14 course selections before the close of this school year in June.  And the process then continues for other grade levels.
On Wednesday, January 30th, the student portal in Power School will open for 10th and 11th grade students.  It will remain open until Wednesday, February 20th.  During this time, 10th and 11th grade students are urged to select courses for the 2013-14 school year.  Again, keep in mind that selections are considered tentative and opportunities will be available in the months ahead to make changes.
Counselors are scheduled to meet with students in the weeks ahead to review course selections for accuracy and appropriateness.  Students are encouraged to contact their counselors beforehand, however, should they have questions about this process.
Keep in mind, too, that four-year plans of study for various post secondary options are available in Naviance.  Click on the "Courses" tab for the plans as well as to access the full list of course descriptions in the curriculum. 
The American Dream in English 10
Life Values, and Do What You Are
No other country in the world can hold claim to its own dream like the United States does with its "American Dream." It has lured many from elsewhere to migrate and make this dream become for them a reality. Many, no doubt, have realized it. And some haven't. Coined in the 1930s just after the nightmare of the Great Depression was coming to an end, the American Dream became a reality as the country awakened from the financial disaster and then later WWII to find itself flush with resources and a booming economy that brought a middle class lifestyle to millions of Americans.

More than six decades later, this notion of the American Dream is now fading for millions as the country has suffered from what is now called the Great Recession. There is much debate about whether or not America will recover from this devastating crash and again become the land of opportunity it has long been known to be.

You may have your own feeling about this and perhaps your own experiences as well. What's your take? Is the American Dream still alive? Or is it an experience that one can only have while sleeping? Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

If you choose to make the time, a report out of Harvard recently provided directions for a remedy.
Tenth-graders explore this notion of the American Dream in their English classes through selected literary pieces.  The EOS Guidance Department is integrating a career component into this theme by guiding students through three surveys that are available in Naviance.  Their responses will become part of their Student Success Plans.
The first survey will focus upon life values and students will be asked to consider those values most important to them.  The second survey will prompt them to respond to their take on the American Dream.  The third exercise will be completion of a personality assessment, patterned after the very popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), called "Do What You Are". The assessment is available in Naviance and students receive a detailed report upon completion of the assessment.
All of this is designed to help them reflect upon what they may want/hope for beyond high school and how their efforts may influence the degree to which their hopes may become reality.
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