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Friday, October 12, 2012

October 15, 2012

SAT and PSAT Registration Closed

EOSHS will take part in a first-time ever test administration of the SAT on a school day when the Guidance Department offers it on Wednesday, October 17th.  With the cooperation of several individuals in our school community, the test will be administered to over 120 seniors in the back gym.  Students planning on sitting for the SAT on that day should report to the back gym at the start of school.  Testing will begin after students have checked in and completed preliminary data.  It should conclude by 1 pm.  Following instructions provided by The College Board, students are expected to bring a picture ID along with their social security numbers.  Bells and announcements will be suspended for the day.
The PSAT will be administered to over 125 EOS students on Saturday, October 20th.  Doors to EOSHS will open at 8 am and testing will commence at 8:30 am.  Students should be expected to finish testing by 11:30 am.


Connecticut Fire Academy 2012 Fire Service College Fair

 Saturday, October 13th, 9AM-4PM

Connecticut Fire Academy
34 Perimeter Rd, Windsor Locks
Free Admission-Refreshments Provided
Institutions Scheduled to Present:
Anna Maria College
Franklin Pierce University & Fire Dept.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Naugatuck Valley Community College
Southern Maine Community College
United States Army
United States Navy
University of New Haven
Charter Oak University
Goodwin College
Lakes Region Community College
New Haven Sponsor Hospital
St. Michael's College & Fire Dept.
United States Marine Corps
University of Alaska/Fairbanks
Vermont Technical College
Plus More Institutions Expected to Participate!
For more information, contact Program Coordinator Ian Tenney at:

On Thursday, November 1st, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) will present its annual Performing & Visual Arts College Fair in Boston.

More than 130 of the nation’s premier arts institutions will be represented at the fair, which offers prospective students a first-hand opportunity to ask questions and collect relevant information from schools of interest.  This is the only college fair of its size in New England that is specifically geared toward arts students, and it only takes place once a year.
 Boston Performing & Visual Arts College Fair
Thursday, November 1, 2012
6:00 - 8:00 pm
 Boston Center for the Arts, Cyclorama
539 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116
(Cyclorama: 617-426–5000)

Free and open to the public
This event will be valuable for high school or college students who are considering undergraduate or graduate studies in the arts. Teachers, guidance counselors, family and friends are welcome. Schools from New England and around the country offering programs in music, dance, theater, graphic and visual arts will be represented.

Students can pre-register to attend this fair at www.gotomypvafair.com. Complete information, including a list of attending schools and parking information, is available at http://www.nacacnet.org/pva.

Counselors Meeting With 9th and 12th Graders
Focus on Transition
 Counselors have been meeting with students these past few weeks to address transitional issues.  For one group, it's been about transitioning into EOSHS while another group has been focusing upon transitioning out of  EOSHS.  For the latter group, seniors have been meeting with counselors and reviewing the postsecondary planning process, including work on Naviance as part of the process.  Ninth-graders, on the other hand, have met with counselors to set goals for the year and to complete a transition survey designed to assess their experiences thus far.  The collective results are posted below.
Results of Ninth Grade Transition Survey
1. My transition from middle school to the high school can best be described as:
Hard 3.5% (9)
Challenging 11.6% (30)
Okay 58.3% (151)
Easy 26.6% (69)
2. Now that you have earned your first 6-week grade report, what do you think about your progress?
I worked hard and am proud of my accomplishments 16.2% (42)
Overall I'm satisfied, but I know of areas to improve 73% (189)
I performed below my potential 10.8% (28)
3. Were you surprised by your grades?
No, the grades were what I expected 37.5% (97)
Yes, I was surprised by my grades in one or two classes 51% (132)
Yes, I really thought my grades would be different in most of my classes 11.6% (30)
4. What ideas do you have to improve your grades?

Total responses: 259 (99%) 

Some unedited examples are below;

One thing that I can improve on is my study habits. I think That I need to figure out a way that I can sit down and study for a longer period of time without becoming distracted. Another thing that I can do to improve is ask more questions if I don't understand an assignment or a certain area of a subject.

If I did my homework more often, my grades would be better.

I think I need to study more for tests and quizes, and I need to get used to more of the websites that some teachers have us use. I also need to get used to taking more notes, I think I could make them a little better. I need to work on being able to focus more, because it takes me a long time to complete assignments at home, but less during study hall where there are less distractions.

I am going to go ask my math teacher more questions, and study 2-3 days before my actual math test. I am going to really be aware of how much sleep I get and try to keep my stress managable.

I have to start studying harder, paying more attention and being more alert in my classes, and writing down more assignments in my homework notebook instead of just remembering them. Because sometimes, i forget what they are. Also- talking to teachers, working hard and studying in study hall, and reading things out loud can help improve grades and understanding of subject.

Im going to try to pay attention more in class and not fool around with my friends. I know I need to ask the teacher for more help alot because there are alot of things that I have trouble with and Im always afraid of asking sometimes because I feel stupid. So I'm not going to do that anymore.

I consider nyself a fairly organized and motivated person, but I can always continue to see if I need to seek help or continue asking questions in class. I find that teachers are always willing to help me if I have a question.

Not wait until 11:00PM to do my homework. I procrastinate too much for my own good. oops.

Ideas I have to improve my grades are: Studying/ Studying Harder Read the passages that my teachers assign. Such as ex: "Read all of Chapter 1" I will try from now on to actually read the whole passage instead of just scimming for answers. Take more time with my work/homework as I sort of rush through it. Pay attention better in class and don't fall asleep.


5. Which subject is the most challenging to you?
Total responses: 259 (99%)

Several subjects were listed.. 
6. Rate each of the following skills on their difficulty for you (1 being very easy, and 5 being very difficult).
Average Rank
1 2 3 4 5
Time management (2.7)
Organizational skills (2.4)
Self-discipline (2.3)
Motivation (2.6)
Listening skills (2.4)
Persistence - good work ethic (2.4)
Sense of responsibility (2.2)
7. What teams, clubs, etc. are you considering to join at EOSHS this year?
Total responses: 234 (89%) 
8. Now that you have been in high school for two months, what suggestions or ideas do you have for making the transition into high school smoother for future freshmen?
Total responses: 259 (99%) 

Some unedited examples are below;

I would say that you need to make sure that you have a schedule set up within the first few days of school. This is something that I wish I did because my schedule is very crazy and if I had a plan set up ahead of time, I believe that I wouldn't be as stressed all the time.

make sure they join a sports group or club because you meet alot of people that way.

Be respectful.

Be calm, don't be nervous. Make sure to carry your schedule around with you, and ask people for help if you don't know where a room is. Participate a lot in clubs and other activities, and don't worry about socializing, you can be whoever you want to in high school, there isn't any judgemental people that i know of.

My first suggestion to for the future freshmen is to get out of their comfort zone and work as hard as they can and to not fall back behind on their work.

join clubs or teams becuase it will be easier to make friends when you already know you have a commen interest with them.
9. When you have had questions throughout your transition to EOSHS, where did you usually go to find the answers?
Friends 51.7% (134)
Teachers 17.4% (45)
Administrators 0% (0)
Main Office 0.4% (1)
Guidance Office 6.6% (17)
Family/Older Siblings 20.1% (52)
Other 3.9% (10)
10. Do you feel comfortable approaching a teacher or guidance counselor when needed?
Yes 87.6% (227)
No 12.4% (32)
11. What is your current post-high school goal?
Attend a 2-year community college 3.5% (9)
Attend a 2-year college and transfer to a 4-year college 4.2% (11)
Attend a 4-year college or university 76.1% (197)
Attend a vocational or specialized school 3.9% (10)
Enter the military 6.2% (16)
Go to work 6.2% (16)
12. What extra-curricular activities do you plan to participate in this year?
Total responses: 259 (99%) 
13. When you have had questions or difficulties with your transition to EOSHS, whom have you approached for help?
counselor 29% (75)
teacher 44.4% (115)
administrator 4.2% (11)
parent 35.1% (91)
other student 48.6% (126)
friend 71% (184)
14. Would you like to receive tutorial help from a peer tutor in any of your subjects?
Yes 25.8% (65)
No 74.2% (187)
15. Have your parents registered for a Naviance account?
Yes 9.7% (25)
No 90.3% (234)
16. Do you feel safe at EOSHS?
Yes 96.1% (249)
No 3.9% (10)
17. If not, why?
Total responses: 11 (4%) 
18. What was your previous school?
Ashford School 15.1% (39)
Hall Memorial School 15.8% (41)
Mansfield Middle School 47.5% (123)
Other school 21.6% (56)
19. How is your social life at EOSHS thus far?
Great-I'm very satisfied 48.4% (125)
Good-I'm satisfied 43.4% (112)
Not so good-I'm having some difficulties 5.4% (14)
Poor-I could use help with this 2.7% (7)
20. Currently, about how many hours each day do you spend on homework?
More than 3 hours. 10% (26)
2-3 hours 23.6% (61)
1-2 hours 51.7% (134)
less than 1 hour 14.3% (37)
None at all 0.4% (1)

How Much Time Should Students Spend on Homework?
This is a question often asked by parents/guardians, particularly those new to EOSHS.  It's a question that's never had an easy answer - at least until now.
 It's easier to answer this question for yourself now simply by logging on to Power School and clicking on Quick Look Up.  When you click on a grade, the "grade book" will open and there you will see the wide assortment of assignments/tests/quizzes that contribute to the grade.  Task management, and not time management, should be the priority.  If the results are satisfactory, then a sufficient amount of time is being devoted to homework.  If not, then both the time and task management need to be reviewed and re-evaluated.
The better way to answer this question, then, is by measuring results and not hours.  The link below will bring you to an article that addresses this issue.
How to Use Power School
When student grades became accessible two years ago through Power School, it opened a whole host of issues that accompanied the opening of teacher grade books. What was surprising to many is that the data revealed students accessing grades at the rate of twice that of parents. What wasn't known, though, is to what degree students were/are accessing grades through their own portals in the presence of their parents or if parents were simply using student accounts to check. What we did learn in the process is that access to grades can be both a benefit and a liability, depending upon how this access is used.
Like several tools, Power School can be an effective tool if used properly - and not so if used improperly. Proper use is subject to personal interpretation, but it may be safe to say that overuse may be just as detrimental as no use at all. Checking grades frequently (every day, if not every hour) can cause frustration because the pace that teachers use to input grades differs across the faculty. Likewise, there are occasions when human error results in incorrect input (in such cases, students should simply consult the teacher). But when parents check so frequently that it robs the sense of responsibility and ownership from students for the latters' grades, then the result is distrust and dismay.
Clearly, the parent portal to grades is a potentially effective tool for communication, and it may be used for a springboard to constructive conversation about academic performance, engagement, and the like...if done so in good measure. But what can we call good measure? Here's one suggestion - set aside one time a week (make it consistent from week to week) to sit down with for a parent-child session during which the "book" is opened. Set ground rules for discussion. And set a time limit, too. If there are any issues that remain unresolved, resolve to address them during the next weekly meeting. Be sure to examine the effort behind the grades - meaning homework and project completion as well as quiz/test performance. Reinforce effort made.
Proper use of this tool can enhance conversation about the school experience. Improper use, on the other hand, can lead to distrust. It may take some time to figure out what works for parents and children. It's work well worth doing.
The Value of MCC Courses
Much has been mentioned about ECE courses and the value they provide to EOS students.  Often overlooked, however, are the courses offered for Manchester Community College (MCC) credits. There are several courses available to EOS students.
Below is a list of courses offered at EOSHS that are eligible for MCC credits. Registration for credit will be done in November. The opportunity to earn MCC credits is only available to 11th and 12th graders (MCC policy).

Accounting 1A (MCC ACC 115)
Human Anatomy & Physiology A (MCC BIO 115)
Intro to Criminal Justice (MCC CJS 101)
Tech-Prep English (MCC COM 173)
Video Productions 1 & 2 (MCC COM 240)
Child Development (MCC ECE 101)
Allied Health (MCC HLT 103)
Health and Wellness (MCC HLT 101)
Tech-Prep Culinary Arts (MCC HSP 101)
Tech Algebra 2 (MCC MAT 095)
Quantitative Literacy (MCC MAT 109)
Algebra 3 and Trigonometry (MCC MAT 138)
Foundations for College Success (MCC SD 111)
EOS students earned 387 total credits in MCC courses during the 2011-12 school year.  Many of these credits were transferable to other institutions or provided a jump start for those choosing to attend MCC.

Articles of Interest
NY Times
PBS Frontline
Atlantic Monthly
The Chronicle of Higher Education

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