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Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 15, 2012

Registration Information for SAT-On-A-School-Day
Register and prepare for Oct. 17 college entrance exam
The EOS Guidance Department has pursued and been granted the opportunity to offer the SAT on a school day.  This is a new venture put forth by The College Board and only a handful of high schools in CT have been extended this opportunity.  Although The College Board is promoting this as a free SAT, it really isn't.  The on-line registration is free, but students will need to pay EOSHS for a student voucher in order to register.  Note that 11th graders will have this same opportunity in April.  Below is the press release prepared by The College Board. 

 "Beginning Monday (September 10), high school seniors at EOSHS can register for the district’s first-ever SAT® School Day, an in-school college entrance exam scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 17. The SAT School Day helps states and districts foster a college-going culture and increases access to college, especially among first-generation college-bound students. The SAT can also be an important tool for assessing students’ mastery of state standards in mathematics, reading and writing and evaluating a school or district’s educational policies and programs to determine how well they are serving all of their students.
 Students can register for SAT School Day online at http://sat.org/fallsatschoolday through Wednesday, Oct. 3. Registering is easy. Students only need three things: an email account, a free College Board online account, and their SAT student voucher, available from the Guidance Department. Upon receipt of payment, each student will receive her/his student voucher.  Every SAT registration includes up to four free score reports that can be sent to colleges and scholarship services.
 Taking the SAT opens doors to opportunities beyond high school and a wide range of free resources:
The district and the College Board are providing registrants with free access to The Official SAT Online Course™. Additional free and low-cost SAT practice tools and resources, including a free, full-length practice test and The Official SAT Question of the Day are available at http://sat.collegeboard.org.
Students will also have access to Skills Insight, which is a general guide to help students determine their current skill level in reading, writing and math — the areas tested on the SAT. http://sat.collegeboard.org/practice/sat-skills-insight
Students can use their SAT scores to research colleges and universities on the College Board’s free comprehensive college planning website, bigfuture.org.The BigFuture site was created with the Education Conservancy and in consultation with students and educators to help make the college planning process simpler and more accessible. bigfuture.org walks students through each step of the college planning process, from finding colleges that fit, to writing a college essay, to applying for financial aid. At the site, students can watch videos from real students giving tips on college planning, such as what do to on a campus visit. Students can also explore college options, with advice from the schools themselves."
 In summary:

The SAT will be offered on Wednesday, October 17 during the school day (location to be determined).

It’s only available to EOS seniors.

Students who wish to take it will register in Guidance, pay the $50 fee to EOSHS, and receive a student voucher with a specific code to use for registration. Registration will begin on Monday and close on 10/3.

Each student will register on-line through The College Board. There is a designated site for this.

Each student is required to have an email account to register online.

Each student also needs to have a free on-line SAT account to register for the test.

Students must enter the 12-character code on their vouchers during registration. Students should treat the vouchers they receive as they would a prepaid store card.

Students with disabilities will be asked to provide their SSD eligibility code.

Once registered, students will gain access to The College Board’s SAT prep program available on-line. This normally costs $70.

If a student has already registered for a regularly scheduled SAT and would like instead to take it on October 17, s/he should call Customer Service at The College Board and request a transfer to the School Day administration.  In this case, the change fee is waived and the student must provide a voucher number to Customer Service.  This number will trigger an automatic refund to the student.

PSAT Registration
Registration for the October 20 PSAT administered at EOSHS will begin on Monday, September 17 and close on Friday, October 12.  The test fee is $28 and may be paid in cash or by check made payable to E. O. Smith High School.  Students may register in the Guidance Office during normal school hours.
The PSAT will be administered at EOSHS.  Doors will open at 8 am and the test will begin promptly at 8:30 am.  It should conclude at approximately 11:30 am.  Students should bring pencils and a calculator.  
Ninth-Grade Appointments Coming Up
The EOS Guidance Department conducts orientation meetings for all ninth-grade students and their parents/guardians.  These 30-minute sessions are being scheduled and notices will be mailed home in the next couple of weeks.  Appointments will begin taking place in the first week of October and continue through the middle of November.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet your assigned counselor early on in the high school experience, pose questions of concern, and learn about what lies ahead.
Profile of EOSHS SAT Testers
The College Board recently published data on SAT scores earned by graduating seniors.  For the Class of 2012 at EOSHS, here is some data you may find interesting.
There were 216 test-takers, and collectively they earned a 556 in Critical Reading (CR), 553 in Math (M), and 549 in Writing (W).  These scores compare very favorably to state and national averages, with the CT being 506 in CR, 512 in M, and 510 in W while the national averages were 496 (CR), 514 (M), and 488 (W).
The top ten schools receiving SAT scores from EOS students were UConn (101), ECSU (60), CCSU (18), Boston University (15), MCC (13), SCSU (13), UMASS (13), Northeastern (11), University of Vermont (11), and University of Rhode Island (10).
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