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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October 1, 2012

New Counselor
The EOS Guidance Department welcomes Sarah Sayers to its staff for the first semester.  Sarah is replacing Morgan Perry, who is on maternity leave until early January. 
Sarah earned her master's degree in school counseling at CCSU and worked last year at Farmington High School.  She may be reached at ssayers@eosmith.org.
 Registration for the SAT on Wednesday, October 17th at EOSHS remains open until October 3rd.  The cost is $50 and payment may be made by cash or checks made out to EOSHS.  See the previous post (September 15, 2012) for more information.
 Registration for the PSAT on Saturday, October 20th is now open.  This test is primarily for 11th graders.  Tenth-graders who have already completed Geometry may sit for it as well.  Cost is $28.  For more information, see the September 15, 2012 post on this website.
Students wishing to drop semester courses without a "W" (for Withdrawal) appearing on their transcripts need to do so by Monday, October 1st.  Students should contact their counselors about schedule changes.  For full year courses, students have until the conclusion of the first marking period to change before a "W" appears.
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 Tutoring Available
Students have hit their stride now that four weeks of the school year have passed. Some may be experiencing difficulty in their classes at this point in the school year. Everyone should know that plenty of support is available. The Math Department offers tutoring in all of its courses (arranged through each student's math teacher), help with writing is available in the Writing Center (housed in the LMC), world language support is provided through the World Languages Department, and two UConn interns preparing to be teachers are also available to provide assistance in the Guidance Office. Regarding the latter, students can arrange to work with one of these tutors by contacting their counselors.

Dual Enrollment and Benefits Derived

 As you probably know, EOSHS offers several UConn courses in its curriculum (the most of any public high school in the state).  Eligible EOS students also have available to them courses on the UConn campus.  These courses,either at EOSHS or on the college campus, extend the curricular offerings while providing opportunities for students to earn free college credits.  Below are some numbers that reflect both the participation and savings in dollars.

Forty-four (44) students are enrolled in courses on campus that amount to 203 credits

With 25 UConn courses in the EOS curriculum, students have enrolled in 1865 credits worth of UConn courses.

At $363 per UConn credit, the 2068 total credits are worth $750,684.  This does not take into account second semester courses that EOS students will take on the UConn campus.

The total will be over $800,000 by the end of the school year.  Over the past decade, EOS students have earned more than $5 million worth of credits.  That's something to think about.
UConn Changes Application Procedures and Deadlines
UConn has moved to a single application deadline and one notification date. The university believes this process will help both counselors and students in creating a seamless admissions cycle. Application and all supporting documents need to be received by UConn's Admission Office no later than January 15, 2013. We encourage applicants to apply early to ensure their applications are completed on-time. Notification of admissions decisions will begin March 1, 2013.
UConn is now Common Application exclusive. If students need to apply by postal mail, they will need to print the Common Application and UConn supplement.
 Special Programs in Medical, Dental, or Law: Application and all supporting documents need to be received no later than December 1, 2012. The supplement, which can be downloaded on our website at http://admissions.uconn.edu/content/academic-programs, must be received no later than January 1, 2013. 

New Website Posted by The Family Online Institute
An announcement from The Family Online Institute is below.
A Platform for Good launched this morning, and we couldn’t be more excited!

 For months we have been asking you to join us to help parents, teachers and teens connect, share and do good online. Now, you’ll finally have the chance!

 Check out some of the fantastic features our brand new website has to offer:

From helpful resource pages to lively blogs, A Platform for Good equipsparents with comprehensive online safety information! Plus, they’ll have the opportunity to vote on tech topics they’d like to learn about down the road.

Our “Teach Teachers Tech” video series features 14-year-old Adora Svitak talking about ideas for incorporating tech in the classroom. Each video is accompanied by online resources and discussion starters for engaging students in the classroom and beyond.

With volunteer opportunities and positive stories, teens can learn how to get involved both on and offline. Not to mention, they’ll have the chance to enter a sweepstakes telling us what they wish their parents knew about technology.

 Please visit the site today and join us in spreading the word
about A Platform for Good!
Volunteer Opportunity for $$$
 Volunteers Wanted for Participation in a Research Study
at the University of Connecticut
A Multi-Method Assessment of Youths' Friendships
 Attention Parents:
The UConn Peer Project is looking for volunteers ages 12-18 to participate in a research project on friendships.
Volunteers will visit the UConn Social and Emotional Development Lab with a friend. During the visit, the friends will be video- and audio- recorded talking together and answering interview questions and will fill out questionnaires. The visit will last about two and a half hours.
The purpose of this project is to learn more about how friends act with one another and how teenagers feel about themselves and their friendships.
Volunteers will receive $40 for participation.
To learn more about this research, please contact Dr. Rhiannon Smith at 860-486-3563 or email rhiannon.smith@uconn.edu.

Mobile Foodshare Program to Begin in Mansfield

Starting Thursday, September 20, the Town of Mansfield and the Mansfield Housing Authority will be sponsoring a Mobile Foodshare Program at Wright's Village in Storrs.
Mobile Foodshare brings perishable food items such as highly nutritious
fruits and vegetables to people in low income neighborhoods who need it
most. By working with a network of sponsoring agencies that provide
neighborhood sites and the volunteers to manage them, Foodshare provided
over 2.6 million pounds of produce in 2011.
 The agency has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the site
coordinators and the community members being served. In 2006, a second
mobile truck was added that enables delivery of an even wider variety of foods
to the community. The new truck has refrigerated compartments, which allows
for delivery of meats, yogurts, ice cream and other dairy items. Mobile
Foodshare currently operates 54 sites in 26 towns throughout Greater
Hartford, and from
January 1 to April 30, 2012, they distributed 1 million pounds of product.
 "People are really excited to have Mobile Foodshare come to their location. It has
not been hard to get sites lined up," says Gloria McAdam, President and CEO
of Foodshare. "It just goes to show how much the community wants and
needs this program. The added capacity also allows Foodshare to serve areas
that were not possible before."
The Foodshare truck will be in the parking lot at the end of Wright's Villageevery other Thursday from 11:15-11:45 starting September 20. There are no eligibility requirements,and recipients are asked to bring their own shopping bags. For additional information, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kathy Ann Easley in the Town's Human Services Department at 860 429-3316.

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