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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weeks 34 & 35


Lentz & Lentz, a test-prep outfit that has been offering SAT courses at EOS for the past several years, recently announced that it will be offering a practice SAT on May 31 from 6:30-9:30 pm at EOSHS.  For more information about how to register, go to their link.

Summer is not far away and it's not too soon for high school students to begin planning for July and August.  If employment or internships are possible options, click on Finding Employment or Internships for ideas.

Final Exam Schedule

Thursday, June 14
A and B Periods

Friday, June 15
F and H Periods

Monday, June 18
C and D Periods

Tuesday, June 19
E and G Periods

A Partial List of Senior Project Topics

Seniors recently presented their capstone projects (a graduation requirement).  Below is a partial list of topics:

Childhood Obesity
Poverty in America
Autism and Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Effects of Broken Families on Children's Behavior
Buddhism: Meditation from a Buddhist Perspective
Motor Cycle Safety
The Effects of Male Role Models in the Life of a Child
Science of Cravings: Why Do We like the Food We Eat?
The Shortcomings of the War on Poverty
Irish Dancing
Technological Advances in Automobile Engines
History of Investigative Journalism
Role of Recreation Therapy in Senior Care
Benefits of Cross Training
Leeches: Medical Use and Ecological Function
Animal Psychology
Kinesiology Study on ACL Risk Factors and Prevention
Roots and History of Christianity
Fashion Marketing
Muslims in America
UConn Depot Campus: What Was It and What Is It Now?
Car Restoration

In Need of a Life Vest for Life On-line

Our lives have become increasingly intertwined with the web, and some argue that these connections offer opportunities never seen before while others contend that the connections are less about opportunities and more about obstacles.  Below is a sample of what's recently been published across print and digital media.


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