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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weeks 30 & 31

Third Quarter Concludes on Thursday, April 5


Springfield College Athletic Training Student Workshop held from July 8-12. This is designed for high school students interested in careers related to athletic training and sports medicine.  For more  information, click on Springfield College Athletic Training Student Workshop.

Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop held from July 16-20 at UConn.  Hosted by C-HIT (Connecticut Health Investigative Team) in collaboration with the Journalism Department at UConn, this program provides high schools students the opportunity to develop investigative reporting skills in a unique workshop environment led by local and national journalists. For more information, contact Lynne at delucia@c-hit.org or call 203.215.6373.

Charles Kramer Scholarship available to seniors from Willington.  Contact Connie Wilde at cwilde@willingtonct.org or call 860.429.9367 for more information.

Garden Gate Club Scholarship for EOS seniors interested in pursuing a degree in Plant Science, Natural Resources and/or Environmental Science.  Application deadline is April 13 and applications are available in the EOS Guidance Office..

New Courses Offered in 2012-13

Two new courses will be introduced in the Fine Arts Department next year and these courses were not previously available at the time students selected courses back in February.  These courses are Introduction to Music Technology and Perspectives in Music.  Both courses will be offered in the second semester of the 2012-13 school year. For a description of each course, go to your Family Connections page in Naviance, click on the "Courses" tab, and you'll find the link to the EOS Course Descriptions pages. 

Students interested in taking either or both of these courses should email their counselors ASAP. 

Update on Course Selection Process

With students having selected their courses for next year, the next phase in construction of the master schedule will begin shortly.  Based upon enrollment figures, the EOS administration in concert with department heads will determine the number of sections offered for each course.  Adjustments will continue to be made through July, but students will have opportunities to make changes to their initial selections in the next several weeks.  Final schedules with teacher and room assignments will be made available to students in early August.

Legislation Receiving Little Attention Could Have Huge Impact

Lots of attention has been given in recent weeks to the CT Governor's plan to overhaul the educational system, but scant attention has been devoted to another piece of legislation that is inching its way through the political channels - namely, S. B. 40.  Here's a brief summary provided by Manchester Community College.

Section 1 of the bill requires that by 2014, all students who are close to the skill level necessary for college-level work be given the option to take college level courses with embedded support.  It also requires that students who fall significantly short of the skill level necessary for college level work be directed to an intensive remedial program not bearing college credit (or billed as credit equivalents) before starting at the institution of higher education the following semester.  These remedial programs will not be course-based offerings and students will be directed back to their local school districts (adult education programs) for this support.  In other words, community colleges will no longer be in the business of providing remedial courses to its enrolled students, almost half of whom are presently enrolled in such courses at the cost of several million dollars to the state.  Local districts will be expected to pick up this tab.

Section 2 of the bill requires that by the fall of 2014 , every high school and every public institution of higher education shall have completed curricular alignment such that successful completion of the high school curriculum (consistent with the common core standards) shall define college readiness - i.e., readiness for the first college level (general education credit bearing course) in English and Math.  Therefore, assessments for college readiness (Accuplacer) will no longer be required for enrollment for students who graduate from high school AFTER 2014.

This newly revised bill has passed successfully through the Higher Education Committee of the CT State Legislature.

For more information about this issue and what's happening elsewhere, take a moment to read Community Colleges Downsize Programs.

By the way, this issue was first presented last year in a post called False Hope published on the now defunct Learning Matters blog.  It's one that has been germinating for awhile and now appears to be breaking ground.

Crop of ECE Courses Has Expanded in Recent Years

EOSHS has cultivated its crop of Early College Experience (ECE) courses in recent years and expanded the fields in which these courses are now offered.  According to data recently published by the ECE Office, EOSHS is offering ten more ECE courses than it did in the 2003-04 school year (an increase from 17 to 27).  Consider this - the average number of ECE courses offered by schools in Connecticut is six.  Also worth noting is that 164 EOS students enrolled in ECE courses during the 2003-04 school year while 270 students did the same in the 2011-12 academic calendar year - an increase of 106 students (enrollment, by the way, back in 2003-04 was about 1220 students compared to approximately 1170 students during the current school year).  The average number of students enrolled in schools in Tolland County is 83 while schools similar to EOSHS throughout the state averaged 52 students for enrollment in ECE courses.  

New Test Prep Site on Naviance

Naviance has subcontracted with another test prep outfit and will be launching an improved version (they claim) as compared to the one presently available to EOS students.  Method Test Prep, the program currently used, will remain available through the end of this school year.  The Guidance Department is arranging to secure a trial period for the newer version - called PrepMe - and this should become available next week.  Check for it on your Family Connections page.
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