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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weeks 28 & 29

Strategic School Profile - One Glimpse of EOSHS

The CT State Department of Education releases a profile on the graduating class at each high school in the state, with the information provided based upon self-reported data.  Here is a brief glimpse of the most recent graduates - Class of 2011.

There were 246 students earning diplomas back in June (125 males and 121 females).  Of these, 231 successfully completed Algebra 1 or its equivalent, 154 earned credits in Chemistry, 159 worked through at least a third year of a World Language, 99 earned four or more Social Studies credits, 85 completed two or more courses in Vocational Education, 117 earned two or more credits in the Fine Arts, and 196 received college credits for courses completed while in high school.  Regarding the latter, the breakdown by course is as follows: Math (185), History-World and European-(88), Biology (74), English (65), Physics (54), Statistics (49), Economics (34), U.S. History (31), Latin (25), French (12), Spanish (12), Political Science (11), Psychology (10), Other World Language (8), Italian (4), Art (1), and "Other"-Individual & Family Development, Anthropology, Sociology, Accounting, Latin American Studies, Engineering, Video Productions, Culinary Arts, Child Development-(91).

A World of Opportunities

Watch the 8-minute video below - featuring a message from Lou Deloreto, EOSHS Principal, and EOS students discussing ways they've taken advantage of opportunities available at EOSHS.

Daniel Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation

Much has changed about what we know in terms of understanding how human beings "tick".  This video is a very thought-provoking and entertaining presentation about motivation.

Daniel Pink - Science of Motivation

Articles of Interest

Several articles of possible interest to you have been posted to the right as well as a new link under "Tutorials" that provides a wealth of information about college completion rates. 

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