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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weeks Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

Dates of Interest

Monday, February 6
Annual Student/Parent Meetings with EOS Counselors Begin

Thursday, February 9
EOS Counselors Visit with Ashford 8th Graders (10:15 AM)

Friday, February 10
Registration Deadline for March 10 SAT

Wednesday, February 15
EOS Transition Presentation to MMS Parents/Guardians (6:30 PM)
Mansfield Middle School

Thursday, February 16
EOS Transition Presentation to Ashford Parents/Guardians (6:30 PM)
Ashford School

Friday, February 17
First Shadow Visit for Columbia Students to EOSHS

Opportunities of Interest

Gap Year Fair
February 8 @ 7 PM
Hall High School, West Hartford, CT
Exploring opportunities between high school graduation and higher education

Playing with Violence:
The Mental Health Effects of Video Game Play
February 8 @ 9:30 AM
Dodd Research Center
University of Connecticut
A free seminar providing information on understanding the extent and effects
 of video game play by children adolescents.

UConn's Explore Engineering Program
A program open to current sophomores and juniors interested in exploring opportunities to conduct research in various fields of engineering.  Offered June 24-28.  Application deadline is April 27, 2012. 
For more information, call 860.486.5466 or email kaa@engr.uconn.edu

Junior State of America Summer Program
A program providing students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, study with university professors and gain familiarity with the college living experience.  For more information, go to http://www.jsa.org/.

Articles of Interest

Examples of the pressures colleges feel with publications like US News & World Report

It's not necessarily a bad thing.

In other words, conflict just may be natural.

Being "average" may no longer be good enough in this new global economy.

Various forms of media available today may actually provide opportunities
 for parents and kids to learn more together.

A Short Video

The Happy Secret to Better Work

Parent/Guardian Meetings Set to Start:
What to Expect/How to Prepare

Annual Student/Parent/Counselor meetings begin on Monday morning, February 6th.  These meetings, scheduled in the mornings to accommodate parent work schedules while also getting them in the building when it's "alive" with students, are 45 minutes long for 11th graders and 30 minutes in length for 10th graders.  Parents of 9th graders were invited to attend transition meetings back in October and November.  Counselors will meet with their 9th graders to review the school year and course selections for 2012-13.

Students and parents should come prepared for their meetings.  Expect the following agenda items to be addressed;
  • an academic review of this year's progress-to-date
  • a review of test scores (CAPT, PSAT, SAT)
  • verification of course selections for 2012-13
  • discussion of testing requirements and recommendations
  •  initial launch of the post secondary planning process
  • discussion of extra-curricular involvement. 
Come prepared to ask questions and share information with your counselor that may be helpful in maximizing the potential for a successful and satisfying high school experience.

A short video is available for your review that will provide directions to the EOS course catalog, course planner, and a free SAT test prep program.  Click on the link below and follow along.

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