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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week Three Notes

EOS Students Stand to Lose Thousands of Dollars

Early College Experience (ECE) applications are due in the Guidance Office on Tuesday, September 20th.  As reported in previous blog posts, these applications are required for eligibility to earn UConn credits in ECE courses offered at EOSHS.  Close to 250 EOS students enroll in at least one ECE course each year, and several students take more than one of these courses.  At $400 per credit, you can do the math on the value of a three-credit course.  

Well, several students still have yet to either submit their ECE applications or have not yet amended their applications (Add/Drop) in cases where they have changed their schedules.  In spite of several announcements and several attempts to contact students about missing applications, many students have yet to respond.

The ECE Office at UConn is, understandably, very inflexible with delinquent applications submitted after the due date.  This date has already been extended from September 15th to the 20th in response to the chaotic start of the school year caused by the hurricane.  So, failure to submit this application for UConn credits will result in the loss of opportunity to earn college credits - credits that are free to EOS students.  In this age of rising costs for higher education, this turns into an opportunity lost.

Applications must be submitted by 3 pm on Tuesday, September 20th or this opportunity will indeed be lost.  Contact the Guidance Department with questions about this.

PSAT Information

Registration for the PSAT begins this week.  The PSAT is a practice SAT that is highly recommended for juniors and for sophomores as well who have already completed Geometry.  The reason for the latter is that a portion of the math on the PSAT includes Geometry.  The test date is Saturday, October 15th.  Doors at EOSHS will open at 8 am and the test will begin at 8:30 am.  It is expected to conclude around 11:30 am.  The cost for the test is $20 and may be paid for with cash or a check made out to EOSHS.  Registration takes place in the Guidance Office.  The window for test registration will remain open until Friday, October 7th.  A late fee of $10 will be assessed after that date, provided room remains available for additional test-takers.

Juniors who choose to take the PSAT are eligible for National Merit Scholarships.  Those students who score in the top half of the 99th percentile are typically selected as candidates for these scholarships.  Their value has been $2500 and likely will remain so in the next year.  Aside from eligibility for these scholarships, the PSAT provides a testing experience that resembles the SAT, and students who complete the PSAT receive a detailed summary of their test performances.  This summary may be very useful when preparing for the SAT.

Contact your counselor if you have questions about the PSAT.

Free SAT Prep Program Available 

The Guidance Department has purchased an on-line SAT preparation program for all EOS students to use.  This program, called Method Test Prep 2.0,  is available on your Family Connections link in Naviance.  Simply go to your Family Connections page and click on the link to the left.  You'll be asked to provide an email address that the provider will use to send updates, but it's not necessary for you to provide an email address to access the program.  So, you can choose to ignore the request and proceed directly to the program.

Once there, students will find short units to complete as well as full practice test and tutorials.  Test data is saved to help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses.  With the program being web-based, students may access it anywhere provided they have an internet connection.

Students should contact their counselors if they have questions about this program.

Guidance Department Schedules Individual Meetings With Frosh and Parents/Guardians

The Guidance Department has scheduled 30-minute meetings for 9th graders and their parents/guardians, the purpose of which is review transitional issues during the first several weeks of the school year.  Postcards will be mailed home this week that will include the date and time of appointments.  Counselors look forward to meeting students and their parents early on in each student's high school experience.

While on the subject of transition, if you haven't done so already, click on the link under "Tutorials" that is entitled "Student Voices."  You'll find a brief video that has seniors giving advice to freshmen about making the best of their high school experiences.


Several new links to interesting and worthwhile articles have been added under "Articles of Interest".  This section will be updated frequently throughout the year.

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