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Monday, September 5, 2011

Opening Bell - Take Two

The new school year launches tomorrow and, unlike the original plan that called for a Monday (8 period) schedule, students will instead follow a regular Tuesday schedule.  Keep this in mind as you prepare for the day.

Several student schedules have been changed as a result of last-minute adjustments in the master schedule.  Many of these changes were made late last week and many of the students affected were notified.  However, many were not.  Students enrolled in English 11A, English 11B, and English 10B should re-check their schedules.  This may be done via power school.  New schedules will also be available in the LMC prior to the start of school.

If you're still trying to figure out how to read your schedule, click on "How To Read Your Course Schedule" at the right under Tutorials.

If you find a mistake on your schedule, you can complete a form describing the mistake and what needs to be corrected.  List your counselor's name on the form.  Follow your schedule as is and your counselor will correct the mistake ASAP.  S/he will then email you an amended schedule.  You may also print a new copy on power school.  If you wish to make a change in your schedule, follow the same procedure as described above.

Be sure to check this blog frequently for updated information.

Best wishes for a successful school year!

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