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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week Two Notes

Below is information you may find useful at this point in the school year.

Student Voices: A New Series

The Guidance Department is experimenting with a new delivery that will have EOS students speaking on a variety of issues.  The first in this series is Seniors Speaking to Freshmen.  It's a five-minute clip about how ninth-graders can make the best of their four years in high school.  You're encouraged to view this video, regardless of class, to learn about the advice that some seniors gave to the Class of 2015.  You can find it under "Tutorials" to the right of this page.

Adding/Dropping Courses

With about a week of school already in the books, students may still be weighing their course loads and determining what's appropriate to carry.  Anyone wishing to make a schedule change will need to complete a "Schedule Change Request Form" that is available in the Guidance Office.  This form will require both a teacher signature (course being dropped) and a parent signature before the change can be processed.  The completed form should be brought to the student's counselor.

For the record, you should know that semester courses (designated by S1 or S2) and year-long courses (designated by YR) have different timelines for adding/dropping classes and how these changes are depicted on transcripts.  For first semester courses, students have twenty (20) school days to decide before changes are reflected on transcripts.  In other words, any changes made before the 20-day window will NOT be reflected on transcripts.  Changes afer the 20-day period but before the end of the first marking period will show a "W" (withdrawal) on the transcript.  For year-long courses, the timeline is doubled.

Adding/Dropping ECE Courses

Information about adding/dropping Early College Experience (ECE) courses was posted on the previous blog post.  Any students making changes in their schedules that include either adding or dropping ECE courses MUST complete the Add/Drop form available in the Guidance Office by September 20th.  Failure to do so forfeits the opportunity to earn UC credits in the course(s) or, in the case of failing to drop the course(s), means that an "AU" (audit) will appear on your UC transcript.

PSAT Information

PSAT information will be emailed home in the next week.  The date of the test is Saturday, October 15th.  Doors will open at 8 am, the test administration will begin at 8:30 am, and it should conclude at about 11:30 am.  Juniors and sophomores will be receiving this information, so be looking for it in the days ahead.

Information for Seniors

Counselors will be visiting English 12 classes and reviewing pertinent postsecondary information with seniors.  Seniors are encouraged to make appointments with their counselors to continue discussions about plans for life after high school.

Seniors should also log on to Naviance and check the schedule for visits to EOSHS that are being made by college admissions representatives from several colleges and universities.  These visits are typically made during the school day and seniors will need to get permission from teachers if the former will be missing class to attend a session.

A representative from the UConn Admissions Office will be in the Guidance Office at 11 AM tomorrow, September 13th.

Parents/Guardians of seniors have one final chance to complete a "brag sheet" for their soon-to-be graduating child.  This sheet provides an opportunity for parents to share information that they feel could be included in a college recommendation that counselors will be writing in the weeks ahead.  The form is available on Family Connections in Naviance.

More information will follow next week that will outline procedures for filing college applications, teacher recommendations, transcripts, etc.

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