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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Opening Bell Announcements

Welcome Back!   Okay, not yet?  Still five more days of summer fun.  But...

Below is some important information we'd like you to be familiar with as we begin the 2011-12 school year.

Early College Experience Courses

Students enrolled in Early College Experience (ECE) courses - these are UConn courses offered at EOS - need to make sure they've completed the ECE application form.  It was due back in June at the close of school.  Students who have done this and who have not made schedule changes that include ECE courses (either adding or dropping) need not worry about anything. 

However, students who are enrolled in ECE courses and who have NOT completed an ECE application must do so at the start of the school year.  In addition, these students MUST complete the Add/Drop form attached to the application.  These applications are available in the Guidance Office.

For those students who did complete the form back in June and who have since made changes that involve ECE courses, they need to complete JUST the Add/Drop form.

NOTE:  Although the application form lists costs with each course, these costs are waived for EOS students.  In other words, these courses are free-of-charge.  It's a pretty good deal in this day and age.  Believe it or not, a few students each year fail to folow the instructions outlined above and miss out on free college credits.  The Guidance Department is very diligent in following up with students prior to the deadline (9/15) who have not completed the form.  Still, with everyone's cooperation, we can be more certain that everyone enrolled in these courses earns the credits deserved.

Contact your counselor with any questions about this.

UConn Campus Courses 

For those students selecting courses on campus, a separate application form is required.  This form, too, is available in the Guidance Office.  Per policy with the university, EOS students have access to courses on the UC campus provided they meet eligibility criteria and provided there is a seat in the chosen course on the first day of the semester.  Once again, courses are free, but students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. 

NOTE: Classes at UConn begin on Monday, August 29th.

Contact Doug Melody (dmelody@eosmith.org) with any questions about this.

Schedule Changes

Any requests for schedule changes should be made to your counselor via email.  Counselors are back in their offices on Thursday, August 25th, but much of their time during the day will be devoted to registering new students to the district.  Rest assured that counselors will reply to your emails should you send them.

Also note that some last-minute adjustments are being made to the master schedule and this will result in schedule changes for some students.  Some sections of courses are being collapsed and others are opening up, so it means that some students will be moved around in order to balance class sizes.  Affected students will be notified prior to the start of school on August 31st.

More to Follow

More information will follow in the days ahead.  The Guidance Department has added a couple of features to Naviance that students and parents will find very useful.  In addition, articles and short videos have been added on the sidebar of "Guidance Matters" and "Learning Matters" and you're encouraged to open them for review.  These will be updated frequently throughout the year.

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