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Thursday, June 16, 2011

UC Courses on Campus and MCC Courses at EOS

Several questions have been asked about the option available to enroll in courses on the UConn campus.  Additionally, questions have been posed about MCC courses offered in the EOS curriculum.  Both issues are addressed in the following paragraphs.

As you may know, EOSHS was once governed by the University of Connecticut and EOS students, under this arrangement, had available to them courses offered on the UConn campus.  A split occurred back in the mid-1980s when UConn decided to relinquish control of EOS and the Region 19 School District evolved from UConn's decision.  In the "divorce" agreement, EOS students were assured placement in UConn courses on campus provided that they were eligible to take the courses (met prerequisites), seats were available in the course on the first day of the semester (EOS students enroll for free and, understandably, tuition paying UConn students should get first dibs on any course), and the course was NOT offered in the EOS curriculum.  This policy has continued to this day, although it has become increasingly more difficult to enroll our students in classes on campus due to increasing enrollment there, shrinking budgets that are reducing the number of sections available, and changes that UConn has made in eligibility for enrollment. 

Eligible students (read: 11th and 12th grade students with academic credentials - strong transcript and combined SAT scores of 1200+ in Critical Reading and Math) may request enrollment in no more than two classes per semester.  Decisions on enrollment are made by the Early College Experience Office.  We enroll these students as part-timers through the Office of Continuing Studies, although - as stated in the previous paragraph - we are not able to do so until the first day of the semester.  Typically, about 25 students enroll in courses there each semester. Final grades earned in courses there appear on both EOS transcripts and UConn transcripts.  It should be noted that the grades earned in courses taken on campus are NOT factored into the EOS cumulative GPA.  Students who wish to enroll in a course on campus must contact Doug Melody to intiate the process.

Regarding MCC courses offered at EOS, 11th and 12th graders are eligible to earn up to 14 MCC credits (per policy established by the College Career Pathways Program at MCC).  Students must complete an admissions application to MCC in order to be eligible for credit.  In most cases, a final grade of C or better is required to earn credits in any course.  Courses articulated in the Business Office Technology Program require a grade of B- or better while ACC115: Financial Accounting (Accounting 1A at EOS) and MAT 138: Intermediate Algebra (Algebra 3 at EOS) require a final grade of B or better.  Credit for MAT 138 also requires that the student achieve a score of 40 or higher on the College Level Math portion of the Accuplacer Test.

Both programs, as well as the many courses offered at EOS through the Early College Experience Program, are exceptional opportunities for students to begin their college experiences by enrolling courses during high school while reducing the ever-increasing costs of higher education. Any questions about either option described above should be directed to the Guidance Department.

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