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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Numbers Tell a Story: Postsecondary Plans for the Class of 2011

Below are some numbers that represent the plans of the soon-to-be graduating seniors in the Class of 2011.
  • 148 students are planning to attend four-year colleges
  •  94 are planning to attend public colleges
  •  81 are staying in Connecticut
  • 54 will be attending private colleges
  • 50 of the aforementioned 54 will be attending out-of-state schools
  • 32 students have "other" plans
  • 30 students intend to enroll in two-year community colleges (all in CT)
  • 14 are entering into full-time employment
  • 6 students will matriculate to career/certification programs
  • 5 are enlisting in a military branch
  • 2 students are taking a year off
  • 1 student is enrolling in prep school
  • 53% of the class of 2011 are males
  • 53% of the class is moving on to four-year colleges
  • 55% of the students attending four-year colleges are females
  • 57% of the students matriculating to two-year colleges are females
  • 63% of the students attending private colleges are females
  • 75% of those who have "other" plans are males
  • 93% of the students entering employment are males
  • it's an even split on male and female percentages (50-50) for those about whom nothing is known regarding plans
So, what's the story?  Well, much of the story is nothing novel when compared to what's being "read" elsewhere.  Almost seventy percent of the graduates are moving on to some form of higher education (matching the percentage observed nationwide), more EOS females than males are doing so (although slightly less than the percentage seen across the country), more males are entering the workforce (jobs remaining undefined) than females, and the economy seems to be having an impact on matriculation rates as about seventy percent of the students moving on to higher education are opting for public schools.

That's a version of the story.

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