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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Notes Related to Course Scheduling

Verifying Course Selections

We're reaching the point where the initial phase of construction for the 2011-12 master schedule is almost complete.  Most students have been scheduled into classes they initially selected back in February and March.  In years past, a list of course selections would be mailed home around this time each year for verification.  We'll soon be doing this again in about a week or so.  When you receive this information, be sure to review it for accuracy.  Students should contact their counselors immediately if they see mistakes on the list or wish to change anything on it.

Registration for Early College Experience (ECE) Courses

For students enrolled in ECE courses in the 2011-12 school year, they will need to complete a registration form by June 1 in order to be eligible to earn UConn credits.  The forms are available in the Guidance Office. They are also available on-line at the Early College Experience (ECE) web site (see below under "Helpful Links").  Failure to complete this registration form in a timely fashion will result in lost opportunity to earn free college credits (ECE Policy).  A minimum final grade of "C" is required in order to earn UConn credits.

If you're wondering which EOS courses are considered ECE courses as well, check the following list:

AD Biology (UC BIOL 1107)
AD Biology (UC BIOL 1108)
AP Chemistry (UC CHEM 1127Q)
AP Chemistry (UC CHEM 1128Q)
AD Latin 4 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Latin 5 (UC CAMS 3102)
AD Economics (UC ECON 1201)
AD French 5 (UC FREN 3267 and 3268)
AD World Civilizations (UC HIST 1300)
AD Modern European History (UC HIST 1400)
AP US History (UC HIST 1501and 1502)
AD Individual & Family Development (UC HDFS 1070)
AD Latin America Studies (UC LAMS 1190)
Discrete Math (UC MATH 1030Q)
Calculus A (UC MATH 1125Q and 1126Q)
AD Calculus (UC MATH 1131Q and 1132Q)
Physics A (UC PHYS 1201Q)
AD Physics (UC PHYS 1201Q and 1202Q)
AD Spanish 5 (UC SPAN 3178 and 3179)
AP Statistics (UC STAT 1100Q)

List of Articulated Courses With Manchester Community College

Below is a list of courses offered at EOSHS that are eligible for MCC credits.  Registration for credit will be done in November.  The opportunity to earn MCC credits is only available to 11th and 12th graders (MCC policy).

Accounting 1A (MCC ACC 115)
Human Anatomy & Physiology A (MCC BIO 115)
Intro to Criminal Justice (MCC CJS 101)
Tech-Prep English (MCC COM 173)
Video Productions 1 & 2 (MCC COM 240)
Child Development (MCC ECE 101)
Allied Health (MCC HLT 103)
Health and Wellness (MCC HLT 101)
Tech-Prep Culinary Arts (MCC HSP 101)
Tech Algebra 2 (MCC MAT 095)
Quantitative Literacy (MCC MAT 109)
Algebra 3 and Trigonometry (MCC MAT 138)
Physics B (MCC PHY 110)
Foundations for College Success (MCC SD 111)

Course Planner

You may recall in a past blog entry entitled "Course Planner" that a feature has been added to Naviance that allows students to construct four-year plans of study based upon the selective category of schools they may wish to attend upon graduating from EOSHS.  This tool may be very helpful when deciding which courses to choose relative to postsecondary goals.  The tool may be found under the "Courses" tab in Family Connections.  Contact your counselor if you need help with this.

New Courses for 2011-12

Refer to the blog post in Guidance Matters entitled "New Courses for the 2011-12 School Year" that was published on March 21.

Courses Not Offered Next Year

The following courses will not be offered next year or will be unavailable to underclassmen;

Accounting 2A
African Studies B
AP Computer Science
Computer Art B (not available to 9th and 10th graders)
Economics B
General Science 3
Genetics A
Microbiology B
Money Management A
Start Your Own Business

Registering for Courses on the UConn Campus

Anyone wishing to take a course on the UConn campus in the first semester should email Doug Melody and list the course(s) they'd like to take.  His email is dmelody@eosmith.org.  

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