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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Closed Until Further Notice

This blog (and the other) has been an experiment that, for the most part, has been professionally rewarding while, albeit, immensely time-consuming.  It has, no doubt, been a work-in-progress as I've learned on the fly how to construct and manage this.  Slowly, it seems that the blogs have found a place.  The number of page views has been encouraging.  The number of comments, on the other hand, has not been so encouraging.  Still, as one post labeled "The Power of Yet" put forth, sometimes the goal pursued just isn't realized "yet". One post served a couple of weeks ago, though, certainly sparked interest in a way that the other forty-five posts (including those posted on "Learning Matters") didn't. The post entitled "Razing the Bar On G Level Courses" delivered comments like no other.  "Yet" was no longer applicable.  Unfortunately, they weren't what I had in mind when I began this experiment. 

Some in the community, I've been told, have held me accountable for the comments expressed by others here.  I guess I am.  After all, it is "my" blog.  A few have expressed frustration at not being able to post comments, so I recently changed the settings to make this easier to do.  In so doing, I forfeited "editing" capability in exchange for what I hoped would be more dialog.  Well, you know the rest.

This topic provided an opportunity for various constituencies in the community to speak.  It was an opportunity for a town meeting of sorts to take place - at anytime and in any place .  This issue could have been addressed in a manner that allowed any reader to observe and participate at anytime and from any place.  It was the original intent of the blog.

It didn't happen. 

What did happen is unsettling.   Disappointing is not a strong enough descriptor.

Apparently, we're not ready "yet" for this to be a community forum.  And I'm not about to micro-manage this blog for the latest comment.  I just don't have the time.  Frankly, I also don't think it's necessary for me to do it.  So, we'll shut down this option.  For now and at least the near future, this blog will be used much like a bulletin board - I'll post anouncements and pertinent information.  Until further notice, other topics that are intended to invite discussion - like the many posted previously on both blogs - will be packed away.

I guess you could say I'm razing a portion of the blog.

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