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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Results of 8th Grade Transition to EOSHS Survey

EOS counselors recently visited each of the schools sending
students to the high school in 2011-12 and part of the visit
included students completing a survey on Naviance that
asked them about their impressions of the impending move. 

Below you'll find the results of the survey. 

Edwin O. Smith High School
March 15, 2011
E. O. Smith High Transition Survey (2015 - 2015)
Response set 1

1.Rate your confidence in each of the following areas (1 very confident, 2 confident, 3 unsure, 4 lack some confidence, 5 not confident at all)
Average Rank
Time Management  (2.5)
Organizational Skills  (2.4)
Self-discipline  (2.1)
Motivation  (2.2)
Listening Skills  (2.1)
Persistence-good work ethic  (2.1)
Sense of responsibility  (1.9)
2.Rate your satisfaction in the following areas (very satisfied, 2 satisfied, 3 unsure, 4 a little dissatisfied, 5 very dissatisfied)
Average Rank
my overall middle school experience (2.0)
my academic achievement (2.1)
my social experiences (1.8)
my extracurricular experiences (1.9)
Add answer choices here. (1.9)
3.Select the number that best describes your PERSONAL/SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. 1= Definitely untrue; 2=Somewhat untrue; 3= Not Sure; 4= Somewhat true; 5= Definitely true
Average Rank
I am developing the skills necessary for good relationships with others.  (4.1)
I am able to express my feelings, reactions, and ideas in appropriate ways.  (4.0)
I understand how my feelings, attitudes, and values affect my life.  (4.1)
I know about resources available to me if I need someone to talk to about personal concerns (3.9)
I have learned to accept myself, even with my imperfections.  (4.0)
4.Select the number that best describes your CONCERNS about going to EOS High School. 1= Not Concerned; 2= Somewhat concerned; 3= Not Sure; 4= Concerned; 5= Very concerned
Average Rank
Finding Classrooms  (3.0)
Being late to class  (2.8)
Knowing and following EOS HS rules  (2.0)
Being able to do high school class work/homework  (2.8)
Involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities  (2.1)
Grades  (2.9)
Being with and getting along with others  (2.0)
Making new friends  (2.1)
Being responsible for choosing your courses  (2.3)
Understanding graduation requirements  (2.2)
Peer pressure  (1.8)
Drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco  (1.7)
Bullying (1.9)
Personal safety  (1.7)
Being accepted on social networks, blogs, etc (1.6)
5.Select the number that best describes your EDUCATIONAL PLANNING. 1= Definitely untrue; 2= Somewhat untrue; 3= Not Sure; 4= Somewhat true; 5= Definitely true
Average Rank
I can identify high school classes and programs available to me at EOS High School.  (3.8)
I can identify some of my interests. (4.2)
I can identify my abilities. (4.1)
I can identify academic areas that need improvement. (4.2)
I am able to balance my time commitments between academics, activities, and other commitments.  (3.6)
I know how to adjust to teachers who have different styles. (3.7)
I can identify different types of colleges and career school available to me after high school.  (3.7)
I understand what it takes to prepare and be accepted at colleges and career schools.  (3.7)
6.Select the number that best describes your own CAREER PLANNING. 1= Definitely untrue; 2= Somewhat untrue;3= Not Sure; 4= Somewhat true; 5= Definitely true
Average Rank
I have some careers in mind that I am very interested in.  (3.9)
I can identify some of my own interest, abilities, and goals that fit well with these careers.  (4.0)
I have some realistic dreams of what I would like my future life to look like. (3.9)
I understand where to find and how to use information about colleges and careers. (3.5)
7.As a student, I would like to know how to: (Please select at least one choice).
Improve my study skills  60% (150)
Improve my test-taking skills  48.4% (121)
Improve my organizational skills  37.6% (94)
Overcome my fear of a challenging class  30% (75)
Set goals for myself and carry them out.  44.8% (112)
Manage my time better  48.4% (121)
Improve my ability to focus in class  38% (95)
Better understand my abilities, interests and learning style  24.8% (62)
Get help when I need it  43.6% (109)
Be able to talk to my teachers when I don't understand something  45.2% (113)
Other  7.6% (19)
8.Check the items that are concerns for you: (Please select at least one choice),
Dealing with change /new situations  35.3% (82)
Difficulty controlling anger  15.1% (35)
Receiving one or more poor grades on a report card  49.6% (115)
Fights  15.1% (35)
Having problems with alcohol or drugs  4.7% (11)
Family or friend addicitions  6.9% (16)
A divorce or separation  12.5% (29)
A death in the family  13.4% (31)
A problem getting along with friends/others  17.2% (40)
Bullying/harassment  12.1% (28)
Stress  54.3% (126)
Feeling sad or depressed most of the time  12.1% (28)
Rumors/gossip  24.6% (57)
Dropping out of school  3.4% (8)
Eating disorder  3.9% (9)
Not accepting people's differences  2.2% (5)
Being made fun of for having good grades  10.3% (24)
Afraid to come to school  4.7% (11)
Fear of making mistakes  22.8% (53)
Skipping school  2.2% (5)
Test anxiety  31% (72)
Not getting along with teachers  22.8% (53)
Not having at least one adult in school that I can talk to if I have a problem  13.8% (32)
Feeling unsafe  5.2% (12)
Dealing with my body's changes physically and emotionally  5.2% (12)
9.What do you think is the role of a school counselor?
Assist with academic planning (schedule changes, registration for next year, a 4 year plan, etc.) 85.8% (211)
Assist with post high school (college and career) planning.  72% (177)
Assist with personal/social/emotional/family problems.  70.7% (174)
Assist my transition to high school (answer general questions, help with study skills, etc.) 83.7% (206)

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