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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Presentations to 8th Grade Parents Conclude This Week

 Lou Deloreto, EOS Principal, and Doug Melody, Director of Guidance, recently completed a series of presentations given over a three-week period in each of the sending towns to parents of 8th graders.  The  primary purpose of this presentation was to emphasize the importance of looking at the high school experience in the context of a four-year plan and not simply as a one-year transition to high school.  Information was provided about Naviance and various four-year plans of study related to post-secondary aspirations.  Although the point was made that four-year colleges are not necessarily appropriate for all EOS graduates, some form of higher education beyond high school is in order to compete successfully for jobs in a global economy and to secure a middle-class lifestyle.

Both students and parents should be registered by now in Naviance with separate accounts.  It's important to do so because this becomes the primary channel through which information is disseminated from the Guidance Department.  Naviance is also an extremely useful tool that students and parents can use to gather data on a whole host of topics.  It may be particularly useful now as students consider course selections for the 2011-12 school year.  Course descriptions may be accessed through Naviance.  Also available are four-year plans of study that are designed to be compatible with admission to colleges based upon competitive categories.  It should be noted that these plans are not fixed.  Rather, they are simply models from which students (and parents) can draw information as they construct plans of study during their high school experiences.  Obviously, grades in these courses matter as well.

Also emphasized in these presentations was the importance of becoming involved in school-related activities.  Studies show that extra-curricular involvement enriches one's high school experience and may actually help to improve academic performance as well.  There isn't the need to choose several activities as much as there is to find those few (or one or two) in which an interest can blossom.

A video tutorial on the various features of Naviance is available to the right under "Tutorials".  Take the time to learn more about this program and the information contained in it.  For 8th graders and their parents, the full range of services is not available yet and won't be until students become 9th graders at EOSHS.  Until then, this group can review sample plans of study by going to the Guidance Eboard available at www.eosmith.org/

You'll find that it's time well spent.

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