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Friday, January 21, 2011

Third Pair of Students - Intuitive Thinkers

Nicole Toth and Ned Truman are no nonsense individuals who seem to love the world of ideas.  Each is an avid reader and they actually like reading about a wide variety of topics.  Knowledge and information are food for thought for Nicole and Ned, and it is not unusual to find either of them buried in a long novel.  Because they like to read, both of them seem to have extensive vocabularies.  Words come easily to them. When it comes time to taking on a project at school, Nicole and Ned spend lots of time gathering as much information as possible about the topic, and they often times find themselves completing the project on the day that it is due.  This is the case because both of them have a strong need to be thorough in their research.  They like to debate points of disagreement (in other words, argue for the sake of arguing) and they don’t seem to have much patience for people who cannot follow their train of thought.  Ned and Nicole have excellent analytical skills, and they are very logical in the way they go about things.  Whereas Sally and Sam prefer to know the facts, and Nancy and Nick like to express their feelings, Ned and Nicole need to know the causes and effects – the “why” behind the facts.  They are very skilled at connecting new material to that which they have already learned.  And they tend to establish high goals for themselves.  Generally speaking, both Ned and Nicole keep their emotions to themselves and will only share them with a few trusted people.  All in all, they expect their work to be challenging and their teachers to be prepared as well as in control, and they are bothered by students who waste time or fool around in class.

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