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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fourth Pair of Students - Sensing Perceivers

Sal Price and Sara Penny are two pretty independent individuals.  They describe themselves as inventive, experimental, and curious.  They seem to have a knack for discovering what no one else knows.  They love to try things differently (like not following directions all the time) and their risk-taking ability sometimes leads to interesting discoveries.  It also gets them into trouble when things don’t go right.  Sal and Sara love challenges especially ones that fall outside of normal boundaries.  Both of them like to work with gadgets.  Sara prefers to draw and do sculpture.  She also likes doing yoga and jazz ballet.  Sal, on the other hand, spends lots of his time working on computer and electronic equipment, tinkering with and fixing faulty parts.  They admit to liking situations that allow for creativity and independence.  They like to do things their way.  They will also tell you that they can be very unpresictable, changing their minds in an instant.  If they become interested in a project, they can spend hours at a time working on it.  They also get bored very easily on things that don’t hold their interest.  Sitting still is difficult for them, and they seem to be juggling lots of ac tivcities all at once.  They tend to be impulsive, starting things without necessarily thinking through the consequences.  And they tend to be more interested in the work that goes into a project than the actual end result.  Also, they don’t always finish what they start, largely because they end up finding something else that grabs their attention.  Sara and Sal have excellent problem-solving skills, although they don’t always know how they logically arrive at their solutions.  They have a talent for seeing things in different ways.  In terms of time, they see all time as free for play unless it has to be applied to work situations.  Sal and Sara are free spirits who live each moment as it comes, and they can change their directions as well as their minds quite easily.

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