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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Four Pairs of Typical Students - Which Pair Most Resembles You?

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the Guidance Department is moving towards the development of Student Success Plans for each EOS student.  Part of this plan includes completion of a personality assessment, patterned after the very popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), called "Do What You Are".  The assessment is available in Naviance and students receive a detailed report upon completion of the assessment.  Below is a description of one pair of students.  Notice the initials for each and you'll see that they are SJ.  This just happens to be a category of "type" as defined by the MBTI.  It should be noted that students certainly don't fall into neat categories (nor does anyone else, for that matter), but instead exhibit tendencies.  In subsequent posts, three other "types" will be described.  If you're a student reading this, you may want to compare yourself to each type and determine which most closely resembles you.  If you're a parent, you may wish to do the same.

Sally Johnson and Sam Jones are very much alike in the way that they approach each day.  Both of them like to plan ahead so they pretty much know what to expect and they can do what needs to be done.  Each, clearly, does not like to be surprised.  As students, they are very organized – each of them, in fact, has a calendar that lists appointments, important dates, long-term projects to be completed, and daily “things to do”.  Sally and Sam like to follow a routine, prefer to be given specific directions on how to do things, and generally complete their work in a neat and orderly manner.  Rarely, if ever, are they late on assignments.  As a rule, they like to get their work done first so they can enjoy their free time.  And they tend to like teachers who are prepared, organized, specific about what students need to know, ask direct questions, and provide direct answers.  In other words, teachers who “stick to the facts” are good teachers in the eyes of Sally and Sam.  On the other hand, they don’t really care for teachers who ask students “what if” questions, nor do they like teachers who "appear" unprepared, go off the subject being discussed, give unclear directions, and who don’t seem to “control” their classes.  Their strengths as students seem to be an excellent ability to recall details, remember facts, follow directions, stay on task until work is completed, and follow the rules.  Conversely, they often struggle with open-ended discovery projects, are frustrated by teachers who change plans, and don’t react to things being out of place.  Indeed, both Sally and Sam admit that they put their clothes out the night before and have everything ready for the next morning.  All in all, they are practical and realistic individuals who like to have control over what takes place in their lives and prefer to know what to expect each day.

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