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Friday, December 10, 2010

Results of EOS Six-Week Transition Assessment

Ninth-graders were asked to complete an on-line survey in Naviance that was designed to solicit feedback on their transition to EOSHS.  The survey was constructed by the Guidance Department and it was administered after six weeks had passed from the start of school.  Below you will find some of the questions asked and  students' responses in aggregrate form.

My transition from middle school to high school can best be described as:

Hard                    2.5%
Challenging   12.0%  
Okay                 52.3%
Easy                  33.2%

Now that you've seen your grades after six weeks in school, what do you think about your progress?

I worked hard and am proud of my accomplishments.            28.6%
Overall I'm satisfied but I know of areas to improve.                62.7%
I performed below my potential.                                                           8.7%    

Were you surprised by your grades?

No, the grades were what I expected.                                                                41.9%
Yes, I was surprised by my grades in one or two classes.                         46.9%
Yes, I thought my grades would be different in most of my classes.   11.2%
What ideas do you have to improve your grades? (sample of responses below)

Keep doing my work and hand in my homework.
I'm going to get more organized so I know when assignments are due.
Change my study habits from middle school because there are different things we need to know now.
I think I need to make better use of study halls.
I need to ask questions when I don't understand something instead of skipping over it.
I think I need to work on time management and know how long to work on each subject.
I go to the math tutor twice a week and also use panther tutoring once a week.
I want to be more willing to ask my teachers for help so I don't get left behind.
Use flash cards.
Actually do my homework.
Pay more attention in class.
Remember to write down all the assignments I have to do.

Now that you have been in high school for almost two months, what suggestions do you have for making the transition to high school smoother for future ninth-graders? (sample responses)

Don't worry and just do your best and work hard.
Make sure you start off organized and do your work each day.
If you have questions about anything, whether it's school-related or not, the last thing you should do    is not ask someone.  All the counselors, teachers, administrators, upperclassmen, etc. are so amazingly nice and they are there for you.
It's been great just the way it is and I don't want to change anything.
Join a club so you can meet new people and make new friends.
They should not be afraid to ask for help and they should plan ahead to balance any schoolwork with sports, friends, and family.
Buy a planner and write down your homework.
I think it is important for them to know that they will probably get lost but not to worry because they will eventually find their way.  Ask for help if you need it.

What is your current post-high school goal?

Attend a two-year community college                                                         4.1%
Attend a two-year college and transfer to a four-year college         8.3%
Attend a four-year college or university                                                   77.2%
Attend a vocational or specialized school                                                  1.2%
Enter the military                                                                                                  2.5%
Go to work                                                                                                                6.6%

Would you like to receive tutorial support from a peer tutor in any of your subjects?

Yes                              25.3%
No                               74.7%

How is your social life at EOSHS thus far?

Great - Very Satisfied                                                       50.8%
Good - Satisfied                                                                   46.6%
Not So Good - Having some difficulties                      2.1%
Poor - I could use help with this.                                    0.4%

Currently, about how many hours each day do you spend on homework?

More than 3 hours                                               7.5%
2-3 hours                                                               31.5 %
1-2 hours                                                               46.9%
less than 1 hour                                                   12.9%
None at all                                                               1.2%

1 comment:

  1. Maybe I'm a hardass, but I think it's wrong that almost 60% of the school spends less than 2 hours each night doing homework. Do you think in the countries that are blowing out their numbers, that a mere 0-2 hours of homework would cut it? Do you think this prepares them for college? I don't.


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