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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PSAT Results

PSAT results were returned to us this week on the EOS students who completed the test back in October.  The test was administered on a Saturday this year (there are two test dates annually, the other scheduled on a Wednesday) and participation differed from the past two years when EOSHS used the Wednesday test date.  Fewer 11th graders took it this year while, conversely, more 10th graders sat for it.  PSAT is the acronym for Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test.  The "P" could also quite easily mean "Practice" because it's what the test essentially serves as for most students who take it.  Those who score in the top half of the 99th percentile are named National Merit Semi-Finalists and enter into a scholarship competition ($2500) with other students in this category.  Below you will find data on the test results.

Class of 2012

Participants            173
Females                      99
Males                           74

Average Critical Reading Score = 52.9  (65% scored 50 or higher)
Average Math Score                       = 53.1  (58% scored 50 or higher)
Average Writing Score                  = 52.0  (59% scored 50 or higher)
An SAT equivalent score can be be derived by multiplying each PSAT score by 10.  So, 52.9 = 529, etc.  The average score for each category on the PSAT is 50 and 500 for the SAT.

College Majors (selected by students)

Undecided...17.7% (Female = 16%, Male = 20%)

Health Professions/Sciences...12.2% (Female = 17%, Male = 5.7%)

Engineering...9.8% (Female = 2.1%, Male = 20%)

Visual & Performing Arts...7.9 % (Female = 10.6%, Male = 4.3%)

Psychology...6.7%  (Female = 10.6%, Male = 1.4%)

Business Management...6.1% (Female = 4.3%, Male = 8.6%)

Education...6.1% (Female = 9.6%, Male = 1.4%)

Biological Sciences...4.3% (Female = 4.3%, Male = 4.3%)

Social Service Professions...0.0%

Students should receive their individual score reports in the mail this week along with the test booklets they used when taking it.  The Guidance Department chooses to mail these scores home rather than distribute them in classes so as to protect the privacy of this information.  The test booklets accompany the score reports so that students can use this information when preparing for the SAT.

In the next post on this blog, I will share information about an SAT prep program available for free on Naviance.  We are nearing completion of a video tutorial on how to navigate the many features offered in Naviance.  Check back in a few days for this information.  And, when you have a moment, click on another blog that the Guidance Department is maintaining.  You can access it at http://eosguidancematters.blogspot.com/.

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